What does detained mean in college?

What does detained mean in college?

Detention is a word for confinement or imprisonment, usually for a short time. It’s also a punishment where children must stay after school. If you’re in detention, you probably did something wrong: you’re being confined against your will.

How many Atkt are there in GTU?

The maximum permissible number of backlogs a student can have under his/her name at a time is 4. If a student collects more than 4 ATKTs, then he/she won’t be allocated new subjects.

How can I delete my GTU exam?

So these are the basic steps to follow to pass GTU external exams.

  1. 1 Understand the Blueprint of the paper. -commons.wikimedia.org.
  2. 2 Good diagrams.
  3. 3 Good writing.
  4. 4 Always refer last year’s question paper.
  5. 5 Learn English.
  6. 6 Don’t always mug up chapters and lessons.
  7. 7 Pay special attention to Credit subjects.

What is internal backlog?

Internal Backlog is, if a student fails to obtain passing marks i.e. B.Sc. – 16/ M.Sc. – 48 in the Internal examination of a course. Term End Backlog is, if a student fails to obtain passing marks i.e. BSc 24 / MSc 32 in the Term End examination of a course.

What do you mean by detain?

Definition of detain transitive verb. 1 : to hold or keep in or as if in custody detained by the police for questioning. 2 obsolete : to keep back (something due) : withhold. 3 : to restrain especially from proceeding was detained by a flat tire.

What is the meaning of detained in result?

Answer Expert Verified In many universities, detain means to fail. The result with detain indicated the failure in the exam. But, in many other universities detain indicates that a student cannot proceed further but it can be reversed on the appeal.

Does GTU give grace marks?

“In the past, GTU given a maximum of 8 grace marks per subject and 15 marks overall. We hope that we won’t need to increase this as well, with nearly 40% of students failing exams and 9% scoring exactly the 23 marks they need to pass in a subject,” said a top GTU official.

Does cleared backlogs affect placement?

Don’t worry cleared backlog will not affect your placement in any way. Top companies doesn’t accept current backlogs. you have cleared backlogs so it will not affect your placement.

How do I clear all backlogs in engineering?

Tips to Avoid Backlogs in Engineering

  1. Stay Calm.
  2. Identify and Understand your Subject’s Nature.
  3. Keep the Necessary Study Material Ready.
  4. Prioritize your Workload.
  5. Creating a Realistic Study Schedule.
  6. Notes Make All the Difference.
  7. Quality over Quantity.

How do you use detain?

Examples of detain in a Sentence They were detained by the police for questioning. He claimed he had been illegally detained. Unexpected business had detained her.

What is the detain rule in GTU?

At any point of time, student can have maximum 4 backlogs (FF) pending. If backlogs are more than 4 than new subjects will not be allocated and he\\she is detained for one year. Immediate previous semester backlogs are not counted for detain purpose. I hope my answer will help you.

How many backlogs can you have in GTU?

You have 1 backlog in first semester, 2 backlogs in second semester and 3 backlogs in third semester. In total, you have 6 backlogs. It is more than the maximum permissible 4!

What happens if you collect 4 ATKTs in GTU?

If a student collects more than 4 ATKTs, then he/she won’t be allocated new subjects. He/she won’t be allowed to move to the next semester/year. For the purpose of detaining students, immediate previous backlogs are not counted by GTU.

How many marks do you get in GTU exam?

There is no provision for gracing in internal/university exam. For GTU examination, most subjects will have 5 Questions of 14 marks each, totaling to 70marks. Paper duration will be 2hrs 30minutes.