What does airily mean in English?

What does airily mean in English?

adverb. in a lively or breezy manner; jauntily. delicately; lightly.

What does the word airly mean?

1. Of or relating to the air or the movement of air: an air tube. 2. Existing or living in the air; aerial.

How do you use the word clad?

having an outer covering especially of thin metal.

  1. She went home and returned more suitably clad.
  2. A strange figure appeared in the doorway, clad in white.
  3. He returned fully clad.
  4. She was clad in blue velvet.
  5. The walls and floors are clad with ceramic tiles.
  6. The mountain was clad in mist.

Is it clad or cladded?

verbverb clads, verb cladding, past participle verb cladded, past participle verb clad.

What do you mean by gaily?

with merriment; merrily; joyfully; cheerfully. with showiness; showily.

Is Breathily a word?

Marked by audible or noisy breathing: a breathy voice. breath′i·ly adv. breath′i·ness n.

Can a person be airy?

Light of heart; vivacious; sprightly; flippant; superficial.

What does clad mean in sentence?

The definition of clad is dressed or covered in. An example of clad used as an adjective is the phrase pine clad forest. adjective. 7.

Which is the best definition of the word airily?

Define airily. airily synonyms, airily pronunciation, airily translation, English dictionary definition of airily. adj. air·i·er , air·i·est 1. a. Open to or allowing in air; breezy or drafty: “the airy bungalows of the island’s top officials” .

What are some synonyms for the word Airy?

See more synonyms for airy on Thesaurus.com. adjective, air·i·er, air·i·est. open to a free current of fresh air; breezy: airy rooms. consisting of or having the character of air; immaterial: airy phantoms.

Which is an example of an airy sentence?

Examples of airy in a Sentence. The room is open, light, and airy. He refused with an airy wave of his hand. Our kugel is a touch sweet and a touch eggy, landing somewhere between airy and pudding-like.

What was the theme of the movie Mount Airy?

It was big and cool and airy, in spite of the fact that supper preparations were going on at one end of it. Mount Airy is built of brown stone and trimmed with light stone furnishing a colorful contrast. The theme had changed—light, airy, sparkling, it reminded the girls of fairies dancing on the grass in the moonlight.