What do you think one should use to determine the rocks resistance to abrasion?

What do you think one should use to determine the rocks resistance to abrasion?

The weight loss Abrasion tests measure the resistance of rocks to of the rock is a measure of its abrasive resistance while wear. gories: (1) abrasive wear impact test; (2) abrasive wear Attrition can be defined as the resistance of one sur- with pressure test; and (3) attrition test.

What is abrasive rock?

Abrasivity of rock is defined as the resistance of a tool to wear contacting with a rock [2] and is measured through the abrasiveness tests. … Please note that the rock abrasion test is used to measure the resistance of rocks to wear, and the rock abrasiveness test is used to measure the abrasion of metal [1] .

How do you do a scratch test on rocks?


  1. Observe the two minerals closely. Write down your observations of how they feel and look.
  2. Using the pointed end of the nail, carefully try to scratch the surface of the quartz.
  3. Now try to scratch the rock salt with the nail.
  4. If you have other minerals, repeat this test on each of the minerals.

What is abrasion hardness of rock?

Hardness expressed in quantitative terms or numbers indicating the degree to which a substance resists being worn away by frictional contact with an abrasive material, such as silica or carborundum grits.

What is abrasion index?

The percentage of a specially prepared 3-in by 2-in (76-mm by 51-mm) sample of coke remaining on a 1/8-in (3.2-mm) mesh British Standards test sieve after the sample of coke has been subjected to a standardized abrasion procedure in a rotating drum.

What is the rock scratch test?

This test is used to determine the hardness of a mineral and can be performed by simply using a nail to scratch the surface of a mineral. …

Is quartz resistant to abrasion?

A measure of the ease with which a smooth surface of a mineral can be scratched, or of its resistance to abrasion….Definition.

10 Diamond
7 Quartz (porcelain – 7)
6 Orthoclase (steel file – 6.5)
5 Apatite (knife blade or nail – 5, window glass – 5.5)
4 Fluorite

How is abrasion measured?

The most common test method for determination of abrasion resistance is the Taber Abraser method (Figure 3.18). It consists of measuring the weight loss occurring when the coated (wooden) substrate is subjected to rotating abrasive wheels with defined load.

How do you perform an abrasion test?

The pin abrasion testing machine permits relative motion between the abrasive surface and the pin surface. Rubber wheel abrasion (ASTM G65) is performed by loading a rectangular test sample against a rotating rubber wheel and depositing sand of controlled grit size, composition, and flow rate between them.