What do they mine at Iron Knob?

What do they mine at Iron Knob?

Iron Knob, town, northeastern Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, 247 miles (397 km) northwest of Adelaide by rail. It is the centre for one of the richest deposits of iron ore in the Southern Hemisphere. Mining rights were acquired in 1897, and in 1901 the Broken Hill Proprietary Company, Ltd.

What does Whyalla mine?

Iron ore mining The Whyalla Steelworks receives iron ore mined at various sites along the Middleback Range. Iron ore mining in this region dates back to at least 1900.

Where is iron mined South Australia?

More than 90% of South Australia’s iron ore is magnetite located in several prospective areas of the state, stretching from the Eyre Peninsula to the Braemar province and the Far North.

Who owns iron knob?

SIMEC Mining
SIMEC Mining owns and operates a 10m tonne per annum iron ore mine in the Middleback Ranges in South Australia, approximately 60 kilometers from the town of Whyalla. These operations incorporate the Iron Baron, Iron Knob and South Middleback Ranges mine sites.

Why is it called Iron Knob?

At the 2006 census, Iron Knob and the surrounding area had a population of 199. The town obtained its name from its proximity to large deposits of iron ore, most notably Iron Monarch which outcropped prominently from the relatively flat, surrounding landscape.

When was the first shipment of iron ore from Whyalla to Port Kembla?

South Australian mining identified in 1890 in the Middleback Range, west of Whyalla. From 1915 these ores were shipped to Newcastle and later to Port Kembla, both in New South Wales. Local production of pig iron began when the first blast furnace was opened at Whyalla in 1941, and construction of an integrated…

What is the main industry in Whyalla?

Major Industries include: OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks operations producing a range of steel and iron products. Santos producing crude oil and LPG. Industrial fabrication. Commercial salt production.

What do you do at an iron knob?

Take a tour of the local Mining Museum at the Iron Knob Community Tourist Centre displaying old mining equipment, mineral specimens and interpretive photographs. There is also a theatre with an informative video showing the mining and steelmaking process. Opening hours vary, so do call ahead on 8646 2129.

Who is the biggest iron ore producer in Australia?

Biggest companies in the Iron Ore Mining industry in Australia. The companies holding the largest market share in the Iron Ore Mining in Australia industry include Rio Tinto Plc – Rio Tinto Limited, BHP Group Limited, Fortescue Metals Group Limited and Hancock Prospecting Pty Limited.

Is Iron Knob mine still operating?

Iron Knob began as a housing settlement for miners somewhere between the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. It is often said to be the birthplace of Australia’s steel industry, and the mine is among the oldest still active in Australia. Currently, the mine is owned and operated by SIMEC.

When did Iron Knob mine close?

After nearly 100 years, mining at Iron Knob ended in April 1998 when the last ore was taken from the Iron Monarch open cut pit. In 2012, the Iron Monarch pit was re-opened and ore once again transported to Whyalla.