What did the Indian Independence Act 1947 state about NWFP?

What did the Indian Independence Act 1947 state about NWFP?

Both Dominions had legislative supremacy under the Independence Act. Sindh, British Baluchistan, the North-West Frontier Province, the West Punjab, and East Bengal would make up Pakistan. All of British India’s remaining territories were to be integrated into India.

When did the British conquer the NWFP?

The northwestern frontier areas were annexed to India by the British after the Second Sikh War (1848–49). The territories thenceforth formed a part of Punjab until the province, then known as North-West Frontier Province, was created in 1901 from the north-western districts of the Punjab Province.

What were the province that voted to join Pakistan?

Q5) What were the provinces that voted to join Pakistan? All the provinces where Muslims were more than Hindus voted to join Pakistan but unfortunately, only Sindh, Baluchistan, West Punjab, North-West Frontier, Sylhet and East Bengal were included in Pakistan.

When did Balochistan province?

Balochistan, Pakistan

Balochistan بلوچستان (Urdu) بلۏچستان (Balochi)
Country Pakistan
Established 1 July 1970
Provincial Capital Quetta
Largest city Quetta

When did Peshawar became part of Pakistan?

In the mid-16th century, Sher Shah constructed the highway that linked Delhi to Kabul via Peshawar and the Khyber Pass. In 1818, Peshawar was captured by the Indian Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh and then fell to the British. Following independence in 1947, Peshawar became part of Pakistan.

What happened in Punjab in 1947?

In 1947, the partition of India led to the province being divided into East Punjab and West Punjab, in the newly independent dominions of India and Pakistan respectively.

When did British Parliament passed Indian Independence Act?

18 July 1947
The Indian Independence Act, enacted and adopted by the British Parliament, receives royal assent on 18 July 1947. The Indian Independence Act creates two new independent Dominions: India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim), the latter being divided into two territories (West Pakistan and East Pakistan).