What did people do on Christmas in Victorian times?

What did people do on Christmas in Victorian times?

They saw Christmas as a time to focus on family relationships, and most of the Victorian Christmas traditions (such as gift giving, eating a Christmas dinner, decorating the Christmas tree) were shared by all of the family members.

What did rich Victorians eat at Christmas?

In northern England roast beef was the traditional fayre for Christmas dinner while in London and the south, goose was favourite. Many poor people made do with rabbit. On the other hand, the Christmas Day menu for Queen Victoria and family in 1840 included both beef and of course a royal roast swan or two.

How did the poor celebrate Christmas in the Victorian age?

While we rightly associate many Christmas customs with Victorian times, it was a festival that the poor could rarely afford to partake. They might save a little from their wages to pay for a Christmas goose or beef, but an agricultural labourer earning 5/- (25p) a week could never afford to save anything.

What did people do for Christmas in the Victorian age?

From ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. The holidays – The wealth generated by the new factories and industries of the Victorian age allowed middle class families in England and Wales to take time off work and celebrate over two days, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

What did the royal family do for Christmas?

Many of today’s favourite Christmas traditions were popularised by Queen Victoria and the royal family in the 19th century. From presents to puddings, discover the Victorian origins of some of the traditions practiced across the country today.

How did Charles Dickens influence the Victorian Christmas?

While Charles Dickens did not invent the Victorian Christmas, his book A Christmas Carol is credited with helping to popularise and spread the traditions of the festival. Its themes of family, charity, goodwill, peace and happiness encapsulate the spirit of the Victorian Christmas, and are very much a part of the Christmas we celebrate today.

What kind of jobs did children do in Victorian times?

Their parents made them work to help pay the bills at home. What types of jobs did they do? Because they were considered cheap labor Victorian children were in high demand for many types of jobs including mining, factory work, street sweepers, clothing and hat makers, chimney sweeps, farming, textile mills, servants, and sadly, prostitution.