What did Edmund Randolph accomplish?

What did Edmund Randolph accomplish?

Edmund Jennings Randolph, (born August 10, 1753, Williamsburg, Virginia [U.S.]—died September 12, 1813, Clark county, Virginia), Virginia lawyer who played an important role in drafting and ratifying the U.S. Constitution and served as attorney general and later secretary of state in George Washington’s cabinet.

How did Edmund Randolph vote in the Constitutional Convention?

Randolph proposed and was supported by unanimously by the Convention’s delegates “that a Nationally Judiciary be established” (Article III of the U.S. Constitution would establish the federal court system).

What department did Edmund Randolph do?

Randolph had handled much of President Washington’s personal legal work, and Washington appointed him as the first Attorney General of the United States in 1789 and then as Secretary of State in 1794. After leaving government service, Randolph represented Aaron Burr during Burr’s 1807 trial for treason.

What did Edmund Randolph do after the Constitutional Convention?

(1753-1813) After the war, Randolph became Mayor of Williamsburg, a delegate to the Continental Congress, and eventually, Governor of Virginia — a position he held when named to serve in the Constitutional Convention.

What was Edmund Randolph’s role in the constitution?

Randolph is perhaps best remembered for introducing the Virginia Plan to the Constitutional Convention, which proposed a legislative branch consisting of two chambers, in which each state would be represented in proportion to their “Quotas of contribution, or to the number of free inhabitants.”1 Following his time as …

How did Edmund Randolph feel about the Constitutional Convention?

Randolph opposed the treaty because he felt that it would interfere with the ability of the United States to trade with France.

Who was Edmund Jennings Randolph and what did he do?

He was an influential Delegate to the Annapolis Convention of 1786 and the Constitutional Convention of 1787, where he introduced the Virginia Plan and was a member of the Committee on Detail charged with framing the first draft of the Constitution.

When did Edmund Jennings Randolph become governor of Virginia?

He was subsequently elected as a Delegate to the Continental Congress in 1779 and 1781. In 1786 Randolph was elected Governor of Virginia, but he resigned in 1788, preferring to serve in the Virginia House of Delegates where he could shape the state’s legal code.

Who was the youngest member of the Virginia Constitution Convention?

Edmund Randolph. This was the convention that established the Commonwealth of Virginia’s first constitution. During this time, Edmund Randolph was only 23 years old, making him the youngest member at the convention. Randolph married Elizabeth Nicholas in 1776.

Who was the Governor of Virginia in 1786?

In 1786, Edmund Randolph was elected Governor of Virginia. he following year, Edmund Randolph was a delegate from Virginia for the Constitutional Convention. Here, he introduced the Virginia Plan as a foundation for a new government for the country.