What did Carole Wilkinson do before becoming a writer?

What did Carole Wilkinson do before becoming a writer?

Carole didn’t start writing until she was nearly 40. Before that, she worked as a laboratory assistant, working with a lot of blood and brains. Once she’d decided to try and become a writer, she went to university. She wrote a lot while she was there including her first novel.

What contribution has Carole Wilkinson made to Australia?

Carole Wilkinson – Author of the best-selling, award-winning Dragonkeeper series, and acclaimed Australian non-fiction for children.

Who is the main character in Dragon Keeper?

Main characters Ping, a slave girl who was the first-ever female Dragon Keeper. She was nameless before she met Long Danzi. She was also the proper dragon keeper. Hua, a rat Ping carries around with her.

Is Carole Wilkinson Australian?

Carole Wilkinson (born 1950) is an Australian writer, best known for Dragonkeeper (2003)….

Carole Wilkinson
Occupation Writer
Nationality English
Notable works Dragonkeeper series
Notable awards Children’s Book of the Year Award: Younger Readers (2008)

Is Dragon Keeper a movie?

Carole Wilkinson’s children’s book Dragonkeeper (Black Dog Books) is being adapted into an animated feature film. It is being produced by Dragoia Media, Movistar+, Atresmedia Cine and China Film Animation, and directed by Spanish director Ignacio Ferraras.

Does Thymara fly?

At the end of Blood of Dragons, Thymara and Tats venture on a hillside while watching the mating battles taking place between the dragons above. It is at this time that Thymara playfully runs from Tats and leaps from a ravine, taking flight on her own wings for the first time.

Who is Wang Cao in dragon keeper?

Wang Cao is a herbalist and happily welcomes them inside his home. Like Ping, Wang Cao was left handed and could understand Dragon speech, however he didn’t have the ability of second sight. While Wang Cao goes to make some tea for his guests, Danzi explains to Ping that Wang Cao is his old friend.

What happens to Hua in Dragon Keeper?

Diao kills Wang Cao, but Ping and Hua arrive. Ping uses qi to defeat Diao, though Hua is mortally wounded. Danzi reconciles with Ping, and the two fly the final leg of their journey to the coast.

Where does Carole Wilkinson of Dragon Keeper live?

Carole was born in England in 1950. Her family moved to Australia when she was 12. She now lives in Melbourne, with her husband John. Carole didn’t start writing until she was nearly 40.

Why did Carole Wilkinson write her first book?

She wrote a lot while she was there including her first novel. She showed it to a friend who worked in publishing who asked if she could write a teenage novel. Her first published book was based on something her daughter, who was at high school at the time, was doing. Carole says she has lots of ideas and so far she’s never had ‘writers’ block’.

Who are the main characters in Dragon Keeper?

The main characters of Dragon Keeper novel are Ping, Danzi. The book has been awarded with Children’s Book Council of Australia Award for Book of the Year: Younger Readers (2004), Kids Own Australian Literature Awards (KOALA) for Older Readers (2006) and many others.

Is there going to be a Dragonkeeper movie?

But fortunately, an actual movie producer contacted me and he (and a million other people) are making a Dragonkeepermovie right now! Bill Nighy, Bill Baxter, Naomi Yang It’s an animation, and from the few pictures I’ve seen, it’s going to be lovely.