What country sponsored Juan Pardo?

What country sponsored Juan Pardo?

Between 1566 and 1567, Juan Pardo, a Spanish explorer and conquistador, following the earlier example of Hernando DeSoto, led two expeditions into the Carolina and Tennessee mountains. His objective was to claim land for Spain, and especially to discover an overland route to Spain’s silver mines in Mexico.

Who was Juan Pardo and what was his importance to TN history?

On December 1, 1566, the third Spanish expedition into Tennessee commenced when Juan Pardo left Santa Elena on the South Carolina coast with 125 soldiers. Sent into the interior to further Spain’s colonial ambitions and to relieve the food shortage in Santa Elena, Pardo traveled northward.

What happened to the French settlement charlesfort near present-day Beaufort?

It was occupied until 1570, when it was destroyed by fire. The Spanish then built a second fort, also called Fort San Felipe, at an unknown nearby location. The fort and town were abandoned in 1576 due in part to hostility of the local Native Americans.

Why did the Spanish abandon Fort San Juan?

Fort San Juan was a late 16th-century fort built by the Spanish under the command of conquistador Juan Pardo in the native village of Joara, in what is now Burke County, North Carolina….Fort San Juan (Joara)

Fort San Juan
Owner Privately owned
Location of Fort San Juan in North Carolina

Why is Juan Pardo important to NC history?

While leading his expedition deeper into the interior, Pardo founded Fort San Juan at Joara, the first European settlement (1567–1568) in the interior of North Carolina, and five additional forts to the west.

What did Juan Pardo do with his time?

Pardo also left behind his chaplain and a few soldiers to evangelize the Indians. According to anthropologist/historian Charles Hudson and as evidenced by the second expedition, Pardo must have also instructed Indians to build houses for the Spanish troops and to store corn exclusively for Spanish troops.

Who was the notary for Juan Pardo’s expedition?

Juan de la Bandera was a Spanish notary who compilied the records of Juan Pardo’s expeditions with explicit instructions to record everything he witnessed. Almost nothing is known about Juan de la Bandera, but his chronicles are outstanding and provide a lot of information on these early explorations of America.

When did Juan Pardo return to Santa Elena?

While Pardo explored, General Pedro Menendez de Aviles feared a French attack and ordered Pardo, unaware of Moyano’s actions, back to Santa Elena. He returned on March 7, 1567. Impressed with Pardo’s good reports, Menendez ordered a second expedition.

When did Juan Pardo return to North Carolina?

He returned on March 7, 1567. Impressed with Pardo’s good reports, Menendez ordered a second expedition. On September 1, 1567, Pardo started leading approximately 90 to 120 men back into the Catawba Valley and the mountains of North Carolina–and this time into Tennessee–in search of a road to Zacatecas.