What can you use legend tokens for?

What can you use legend tokens for?

unlocking legends
They’re primarily used for unlocking legends (hence the name), with every hero being available for 12,000 legend tokens. It might seem like a big number, but it’ll save you the 750 Apex Coin fee. You can also use Legend Tokens to reroll the colours of legendary skins you’ve already bought on the game store.

How many legend tokens do you need to get a legend?

Once players achieve level 4 they will gain 600 Legend Tokens for every level up. To unlock a new Legend it will cost 12,000 Legend Tokens, meaning players will have to reach at least level 20 before they will have enough to purchase a new Legend, so pick one wisely.

Can you donate legend tokens?

You can purchase these coins through Amazon if you don’t want to go through the game itself. These can be purchased as a code as well, so you can give them to your friends or family as a gift!

How do you earn legend tokens?

As mentioned above, Legend Tokens cannot be purchased with IRL money, so the only way to collect them is to level up in-game. Each time a player advances up a level, they’re awarded 600 Legend Tokens.

Are Legend Tokens gone?

Re: Legend Tokens Gone They moved the legend tokens in the menu. They are visible now if you move your cursor over the other currencies (the apex coins).

How much is 750 Apex coins?

You can buy characters with Apex Coins, too. Mirage and Caustic each cost 750 AC (about $7.50).

How long does it take to get 12000 apex?

We’ve finally discovered how long it would take to do the latter. Phil Hornshaw, who reviewed Apex Legends for us, earned the necessary 12,000 Legend tokens to unlock one of the two Legends when he reached level 23, which took him about 17 hours.

What can I use legend tokens for Apex?

What are Legend Tokens good for? Like most currencies in Apex, Legend Tokens are used to unlock skin recolors and Legends. They’re also used to reroll daily quests, which can add up quite quickly. The cost of rerolling daily challenges resets to 200 Legend Tokens each day.

How do you make money on Apex?

How to get more Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, and Crafting Materials fast

  1. Winning a game: 500 XP.
  2. Getting a Top 3 finish: 300 XP.
  3. Kills: 50 XP.
  4. Damage Done: Divide total damage by four (e.g., 1356 damage = 339 XP)
  5. Revives: 25 XP.
  6. Respawns: 25 XP.
  7. Survival Time: ~200 XP per level.
  8. Kill the Champion: 500 XP.

Do you still get Legend tokens after level 500?

After you reach Level 500, getting enough experience for a ‘level up’ will provide more Legend Tokens. Each time you level up (or gain a virtual level after the cap), you get 600 Legend Tokens. There are no other ways to get this currency in the game, and you can’t even buy it with real money.

How do you make money on Apex Legends?

Every time you play a match, you earn EXP based on your performance and you’ll gradually level up as you spend more time with the game. Upon levelling up, you’ll receive an Apex Pack which has a chance of containing both of these currencies.

How do I unlock legends apex?

Legend Tokens are the free method of unlocking new legends, and they can be earned simply by playing the game with your best weapon loadout. They are earned after you reach Level 4, as each time you level up will now grant you 600 Legend Tokens.

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