What can I do after completing Bpharm?

What can I do after completing Bpharm?

Best career options after B. pharm

  1. Drug inspector.
  2. Pharmacist.
  3. Pharmaceutical marketing.
  4. Pathological lab scientist.
  5. Health inspector.
  6. Chemical/drug technician.
  7. Medical devices and quality control manufacturing.
  8. Medical Underwriter.

What is the highest package of B Pharmacy?

Ans: The highest paying jobs in pharmacy are mentioned below: Biotechnology Senior Research Scientist | Median Annual Salary: Rs 45000. Research Scientist | Median Annual Salary: Rs 40000. Pharmaceutical Field Sales Representative | Median Annual Salary: Rs 35000.

What is salary after B Pharm?

What is the Starting Salary After B. Pharm?

Job Type Salary Range (But not limited to)
Retail Pharmacy (Private) Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 20000/-
Post M. Pharm Rs. 12000/- to Rs. 30000/-
B. Pharm + MBA Rs. 20000/- plus
MS Pharma Salary better than M. Pharm

Can I get placement after B Pharm?

Jobs after B. Pharm are very diverse and a graduate is faced with a wide spectrum of lucrative employability opportunities in a wide variety of industries and areas of employment such as: Analytical Chemist. Food and Drug Inspector.

How much a fresher pharmacist earn?

Pharmacist Salaries

Job Title Salary
Fresher Pharmacist salaries – 22 salaries reported ₹17,545/mo
Medlife.com Pharmacist salaries – 21 salaries reported ₹25,307/mo
Digital Pharmacist Pharmacist salaries – 21 salaries reported ₹20,740/mo
Wellness Forever Pharmacist salaries – 14 salaries reported ₹18,748/mo

Can I do ms after BPharm?

One can enroll for Master degree in Pharmacy after completing their 4 year course in B. Pharm. M. Pharmaceutical Management, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Discovery and Safety, Technical Pharmacy, etc.

Is B Pharm accepted in USA?

BPharm graduates can go for PharmD education in USA and then they can register as a pharmacist in USA. D graduates from India are eligible for FPGEE and NAPLEX and can register as pharmacist in USA after passing all exams.

What are the govt exams after B Pharm?

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Joint Education Research (NIPER JEE) is a national level test for courses such as Master of Surgery(Pharmacology), MS in pharmacy), M. Pharma, Master of Business Administration (Pharm), M. Tech (Pharma) and doctorate in pharmacy.

Which is the best course after B Pharma?

B.Pharma is an undergraduate course, below are some courses that can be done after B Pharma, which are master courses after B.Pharmacy. They are also known as paramedical courses after B Pharmacy. Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy practice and Drug store Management Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Trial Management

What can you do after Bachelor of Pharmacy?

Speaking about future and career prospects, Bachelor of Pharmacy or B.Pharm students have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a career path after graduation. Like various other undergraduate or bachelor programme, the possibility of pursuing higher education is also open for B.Pharm students, apart from B.Pharm career paths.

What are the required subjects for B Pharm + MBA?

To be eligible for the B Pharm + MBA course, candidates will have to complete their 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. Most of the colleges demand for minimum 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 level for admission to B Pharm + MBA.

What can you do with a B Pharm degree in India?

In India, a B.Pharm degree qualifies you to practise your profession in the industry. Check out the list of career options and job prospects of B.Pharm in India. One of the most rewarding job opportunities available in the Pharmacy Industry is the position of a Drug Inspector.