What boxer has the most title defenses?

What boxer has the most title defenses?

Joe Louis
Joe Louis has won the most world heavyweight title bouts, with 27. Louis holds the record for most consecutive title defenses at this division, with 26 defenses of the world title. This is also the record for most consecutive title defenses in boxing history.

Who was the boxing champion in 1955?

Marciano, nicknamed the “Brockton Blockbuster,” would successfully defend his title five more times, with his last professional bout, against Archie Moore in New York on September 21, 1955, ending in a ninth-round KO.

Who is the former American boxer at the age of 20 years he become the youngest heavyweight boxing champion?

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of the world in 1986, at age 20. He lost the title in 1990 and later served three years in prison for rape charges.

Who did Larry Holmes win the title from?

Holmes fought for the final time in 2002, aged 52, against the 334lb Eric “Butterbean” Esch, and ended his career with a record of 69 wins and 6 losses, with all of his losses coming in world title fights….

Larry Holmes
Nickname(s) The Easton Assassin
Weight(s) Heavyweight
Height 6 ft 3 in (190 cm)
Reach 81 in (206 cm)

How many title defenses did Wladimir Klitschko have?

Klitschko successfully defended the WBO and IBF heavyweight titles more than any other fighter: he defended the WBO title 19 times (five during his first reign and 14 during his second reign) and the IBF title 18 times. Only Joe Louis (25 defenses) and Larry Holmes (20 defenses) have made more.

What age did rocky start boxing?

The hard-hitting Rocky Marciano retired with an impressive undefeated record of 49-0, with 43 knockout victories, in 1955. “The Brockton Blockbuster” didn’t start boxing until he was 23, which is incredible considering the success he achieved throughout his devastating career.

When did Mike Tyson stop boxing?

Mike Tyson ended his two-decade-long professional boxing career on a low note following his loss to heavyweight Kevin Martin McBride on 11th June, 2005.

When did Ali fight Holmes?

October 2, 1980
On October 2, 1980, Holmes faced the celebrated Ali, who at age 38 was mounting a comeback. Holmes won in 11 rounds, cementing his claim as world heavyweight champion. The fight, however, was emotionally difficult for Holmes.

Who is the only undefeated boxer in history?

The only undefeated heavyweight world champion in history, Rocky Marciano is massively popular due to his punching power and relentless passion for fighting. He won the heavyweight championship in 1952 and made six title defenses before eventually retiring in 1956.

Who is the oldest boxer of all time?

As of 2019, Moore remains the oldest world champion in history at 48 years, 59 days old when he last held the belt. The boxer’s 131 career knockouts are also the most of all-time. After he retired from boxing, Moore spent a brief stint as a trainer. Among those who he trained: Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and James Tillis.

Who was the lightest boxer in the world?

One of boxing’s earliest stars, Mickey Walker was a champion World Welterweight and World Middleweight boxer. In January 1925, Walker became the lightest man to ever challenge for the light heavyweight title. At the time, he weighed less than 150 pounds. (Photo by Chicago Daily News/Wikimedia Commons)

Who is the greatest Mexican boxer of all time?

One of the most legendary Mexican fighters of all-time, Julio Cesar Chavez began his career by winning his first 87 professional fights. Chavez was named Fighter of the Year for 1987 and 1990 by several publications, and he was later inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. (Photo by Holly Stein/Getty Images)