What basketball team does 50cent support?

What basketball team does 50cent support?

Cleveland Cavs
Cleveland Cavs = 50 Cent.

Does Eminem Love football?

DETROIT, MI — Eminem has made it clear several times publicly — in interviews and rap lyrics — that he’s a huge football fan. And since he’s so loyal to Detroit, it’s only natural to for him to have an opinion on the Detroit Lions and their upcoming season.

Which NBA team has the biggest fanbase?

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# NBA Team Instagram Followers
1 Golden State Warriors 17,100,000
2 LA Lakers 16,500,000
3 Cleveland Cavaliers 9,000,000
4 Chicago Bulls 6,100,000

How old is Taylor Bennett?

25 years (January 19, 1996)
Taylor Bennett/Age

Who are the best teams in the NBA?

1 Los Angeles Lakers. The franchise of the Lakers began in the year 1947 after acquiring the disbanded Detroit Gems for about $15,000. 2 Boston Celtics. 3 New York Knicks. 4 Houston Rockets. 5 Chicago Bulls. 6 Miami Heat. 7 Phoenix Suns. 8 San Antonio Spurs. 9 Dallas Mavericks. 10 Toronto Raptors.

Who are the most hated teams in NBA history?

The 1988-89 Detroit Pistons are one of the most hated teams in NBA history because of their physical style of play. However, there is no doubt that the Pistons were dominant—that surely cannot be taken away from them. The Pistons were defensively adept—and that’s an understatement. They really epitomized defensive intensity.

Are there any NBA teams that are still in their original city?

The Knicks, apart from Celtics, is one of the two teams in NBA to still be located in their original city. Houston Rockets was established in 1967, and they played in San Diego in their initial four years before moving to Houston. The team was earlier called San Diego Rockets, but when they moved to Houston, they coined their current name.