What are the two most important factors of measurement?

What are the two most important factors of measurement?

In a measuring process, there are several factors that influence the measuring results and measuring uncertainty. The most important factors are properties of the used measuring instrument and calibration and how well they are suited for measuring the object (figure 3).

What are the factors of measurement?

The factors for which specific measurements are taken to ensure a healthy working environment, are categorized into physical, chemical and biological….Biological factors

  • Environmental measurements (eg noise, air quality, waste analysis)
  • Electrical grounding (earthing) measurements.
  • Water quality analyzes.

What are the factors affecting for the accuracy of measurements?

Environment Temperature press humidity. Clean surrounding and minimum vibration. Adequate illumination. Temperature equalization between standard w/p and instrument.

What are the two main causes of uncertainty in a measurement?

All measurements have a degree of uncertainty regardless of precision and accuracy. This is caused by two factors, the limitation of the measuring instrument (systematic error) and the skill of the experimenter making the measurements (random error).

What are the factors affecting the selection of the instrument?

These are various factors to be considered when selecting instrument for measurement. They are Range, Accuracy, Response, Input, Output, Stability, Operation, Reliability and Sensitivity.

What is the factor will affect the result of the experiment?

Variables: These include variables you change to test a hypothesis, variables you measure to determine results and variables you hold constant to produce a valid experiment. The following are the basic types of variable that are relevant to experiments.

What are the factors needed to measure work?

The two factors by which a machine’s ability to do work is measured are its efficiency and mechanical advantage.

What are two factors that can limit the accuracy and precision of measurements?


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What are three factors that can affect the uncertainty associated with any single measurement?

failure to account for a factor, environmental factors, instrument resolution, and calibration can all affect the uncertainty associated with a measurement. How is standard deviation different from standard error?

What two factors would you consider when choosing an instrument for measuring a length?

The factors to be considered while selecting a measuring instrument are:

  • Accuracy of the instrument.
  • Time required to get the output.
  • The zero error of the instrument.
  • Physical quality of the material by which the instrument is made.

What are the factors that affect the accuracy of a measurement?

The following factors affect the accuracy. Cleanliness surface finish etc. Surface defects. Hidden geometry. Thermal equalization etc. 3. Instrument. The inherent characteristics of the instrument which affect the accuracy are. Inadequate amplification.

How does the environment affect the measurement results?

The environment where tests and calibrations are performed can have an influence on uncertainty in measurement results. Variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure, gravity, elevation, vibration, stress, strain, lighting, etc. can impact the measurement result.

When to ignore the influence of a measurement?

In some cases, the influence may be negligible and can be ignored safely, but you should still document that they were considered and did not affect the quality of the measurement. In others, the influence may be significant and turn out to be the most important factor considered. Again, document your results.

What are the factors that affect the standard?

• Factors affecting the environment. 1. Factors affecting the Standard: It may be affected by: 2. Factors affecting the Work piece: These are: -Cleanliness -Surface finish, waviness, scratch, surface defects etc., -Hidden geometry -Elastic properties,-adequate datum on the work piece -Arrangement of supporting work piece -Thermal equalization etc.