What are synonyms for atypical?

What are synonyms for atypical?

Synonyms & Antonyms for atypical

  • aberrant,
  • aberrated,
  • abnormal,
  • anomalous,
  • especial,
  • exceeding,
  • exceptional,
  • extraordinaire,

Whats the definition of atypical?

adjective. not typical; not conforming to the type; irregular; abnormal: atypical behavior; a flower atypical of the species.

What is a atypical example?

The definition of atypical is someone or something unusual or abnormal. A foxtrot mixed with a hip hop dance performance is an example of atypical. A single white rose growing on an all red rose bush is an example of atypical. adjective.

Is atypical positive or negative?

Atypical bacteria are bacteria that do not color with gram-staining but rather remain colorless: they are neither Gram-positive nor Gram-negative.

What is atypical psychology?

adj. differing from the norm in being unusual, unrepresentative, or uncharacteristic.

What does atypical behavior mean?

“atypical behavior is not the accepted type of response that we expect from children” synonyms: untypical uncharacteristic. distinctive and not typical. abnormal, unnatural. not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm.

What does it mean to be an atypical woman?

A person who exhibits a gender role at odds with the norm for their gender and class, in a society, is said to have an atypical gender role. A person who has normal female genitalia and identifies herself as a woman will probably do things that other people in her society will regard as appropriate to women.

What is atypical family?

Two persons still living together in the same household with their. children after being divorced from one another represent an atypical. family. A family which lost one parent because of death is a broken. atypical family.

What is an atypical behavior?

Atypical behaviors include those considered to be uncommon, such as perseveration on specific activities, adherence to strict daily rituals, aloofness, and echolalia (repeating words, phrases, or sentences).

What are the 4 definitions of abnormality?

Definitions of Abnormality: Statistical Infrequency, Deviation from Social Norms, Failure to Function Adequately, Deviation from Ideal Mental Health.

What does atypical mean in medical terms?

ANSWER. Atypical is a medical word for “abnormal.” Doctors may use this word to describe cells or body tissues that look unusual under a microscope.

What is the meaning of the term atypical?

Definition of atypical. 1 : not typical : irregular, unusual an atypical form of a disease atypical weather for this area.

What are medical terminology words?

Medical terminology is a system of words that are used to describe specific medical aspects and diseases. It is based on standard root words, prefixes, and suffixes.