What are some reasons for the decreased death rate?

What are some reasons for the decreased death rate?

Since 1960, mortality reductions have been associated with two newer factors: the frequent conquest of cardiovascular disease in the elderly and the prevention of death caused by low birth weight in infants.

What is the reason for decline of death rate after 1921?

The principal reasons for the decline in the death rate after 1921 were increased levels of control over famines and epidemic diseases. The latter cause was perhaps the most important. The major epidemic diseases in the past were fevers of various sorts, plague, smallpox and cholera.

Why does death rate decrease first?

First, birth and death rates are both high, so little growth occurs. Second, death rates fall due to improved living conditions, while birth rates remain high.

What is the main cause of rapid decline of death rate class 12?

Decrease in death rate-With the advancement of science and technology, the death rate has reduced significantly. It is one of the main reasons for rapid increase in population. > Improvement in agriculture and means of transport- With the advancement in technology, food production has increased many folds.

How can we reduce death rate?

Solutions that save lives, reduce child mortality

  • Immediate and exclusive breastfeeding.
  • Skilled attendants for antenatal, birth, and postnatal care.
  • Access to nutrition and micronutrients.
  • Family knowledge of danger signs in a child’s health.
  • Improved access to water, sanitation, and hygiene.
  • Immunizations.

What does decrease in death rate mean?

It is determined by how many people of a certain age die per thousand people. Decrease of mortality rate is one of the reasons for increase of population. Development of medical science and other technologies has resulted in the decrease of mortality rate in all the countries of the world for some decades.

What causes a decline in death rates in developing countries?

In fact, most developing countries have very low death rates because their age structure favors a younger population. Conversely, the most developed countries have higher death rates, resulting from a rapidly aging population.

Why have death rates decreased in the last one hundred years?

The improvements in mortality were attributed to rising standards of living, especially improvements in nutrition and hygiene, in addition to the decline in deaths from airborne disease. One hundred years from now, perhaps medical advances will have progressed further for us to live even longer.

What is the main cause of rapid population growth in India Class 9?

The main cause of the rate of growth of the Indian population has been the rapid decline in death rates. Till 1980, high birth rates and declining death rates led to a large difference between birth rates and death rates resulting in higher rates of population growth.

What are the 3 causes of population explosion?

A.1 The major factors that are responsible for population explosion are illiteracy, reduced mortality, increased birth rate, and an increase in life expectancy.

What can a country do to reduce its death rate?

Improvements in education, access to improvedwater and sanitation, and poverty reduction have been central to mortality declines and better health.

Why is the death rate on the decline in India?

Due to spread of education several social evils like purdah system, drugging of the female children are on the decline. This has reduced the death rate. 9. Change of habits: People’s habits have .undergone a quite change. They now pay more Need to health and cleanliness. This has kept the death rate low.

How are birth and death rates related to population growth?

Birth and death rates are two major factors that determine the population growth of a country. The excess of births over deaths in a year per 1000 in the population is called the growth rate. The birth rate, death rate and growth rate are called vital rates as a change in any of these affects population growth.

Why is there a decline in infant mortality?

The advances made in the field of medicine and surgery have greatly controlled diseases and have protected man from unnatural death. Several bacterial and viral diseases can be treated by antibiotics. Due to better public health care, more and more people survive upto reproductive age. These measures also caused decline in infant mortality rate.

What was the population growth rate in India?

The rate of interdental growth in India’s population remained very low till 1921, and in fact, the rate of growth was negative during 1911-21. The first twenty years of the twentieth century, thus, witnessed a growth rate of only 5.42 per cent in India’s population.