What are some examples of centennial?

What are some examples of centennial?

A centennial is defined as a 100th anniversary, or a celebration of a 100th anniversary. A 100th anniversary of a city is an example of a centennial.

What is something that is centennial?

Centennial is a word to describe something that has lasted for 100 years — so your parents have been married an unusually long time! In the case of the adjective centennial, the addition of -ennial gives the word its sense of describing a one hundred year anniversary.

What is a centennial baby?

Babies born on Canada Day 1967 were dubbed Centennial babies, since their births coincided with Canada’s 100th birthday. Others born that year have also been referred to as centennial babies.

What is a Centennial home?

1. The home or property has been in existence for 100 years or greater. The Ada Historical Society retains authority to designate such properties as a “Centennial Home or Property,” based on criteria possessed by either the owner or society.

Can you say centennial anniversary?

The “anniversary” meaning for both centenary and centennial dates to the very late 1700s, and the two words took root differently on both sides of the Atlantic: centenary is the preferred term in British English and centennial is more commonly used in the United States.

What is another word for centennial?

What is another word for centennial?

century centenary
centurial hundred
hundredfold centuplicate

Which is the best definition of the word Centennial?

Definition of centennial : a 100th anniversary or its celebration Other Words from centennial Example Sentences Learn More About centennial Other Words from centennial

When is the centennial season in the NFL?

— Joey Hayden, Dallas News, 21 July 2021 All-Time Team chosen in 2019 for the league’s centennial season.

How did the Centennial mining company get its name?

The property was purchased and reorganized as the Centennial Mining Company in 1876, taking its name from the centennial anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Like the centennial celebration in 1905, the bicentennial has a peculiar ability to conflate understandings of the past with aesthetic and economic valuations of nature.

What did General Mills do for the Centennial?

To celebrate Wheaties’ centennial, General Mills has come up with their Century Collector Box series.