Is Mad Mad house real?

Is Mad Mad house real?

Mad Mad House is a reality show from the SCIFI Channel, about 10 ordinary people who become roommates with a wiccan, a naturist, a vampire, a modern primitive, and voodoo priestess to learn about alternative lifestyles and vie for $100,000.

Where was Mad Mad House filmed?

Los Angeles
Production: Filmed on location in Los Angeles by A. Smith & Co. Prods. in association with Sci Fi Channel.

Who wins Mad Mad house?

Loana is the winner. Because no one was eliminated in the last episode, Nichole remains safe from elimination.

Who are the alts in Mad Mad House?

The contestants live together in a house inhabited by another group of people known as the alts (for their alternative lifestyles ). The alts voted the contestants off by judging them on their ability to perform “trials” which were based loosely on the practices of each alt’s lifestyle, and their behavior and attitude with the other guests.

What was the rating for Mad Mad House?

Virginia Heffernan of The New York Times found the series “unsettling” and “ghoulish” but wondered if it might lead middle America to examine the casualness of their religious beliefs. The premiere episode drew a rating of 1.57 million viewers.

What do the guests have to do on Mad Mad House?

Vampire: The guests must retrieve objects associated with vampire myths (crosses, garlic and toy bats) from a “bloodbath” and place them in the chalice of the guest they want to lose the challenge. At the end of the trial, Brent has the fewest objects in his chalice and wins the challenge.

What was the name of the house in Welcome to the Madhouse?

The friends who didn’t live with us kept saying that our house was known as the Big Brother house, or the crazy house or the cult house. But we’re like a family. I loved the line ‘Welcome to the madhouse.’