Is loganberry soda or juice?

Is loganberry soda or juice?

PJ’s Crystal Beach Original Loganberry is a unique non-carbonated refreshing drink. A Western New York tradition, Loganberry is a cross between a blackberry and red raspberry with a semi-sweet, yet tart flavor.

What is loganberry drink made of?

Loganberries are a hybrid made from accidentally crossing a raspberry and a blackberry (so the story goes).

What flavor is loganberry drink?

With a flavor based on the loganberry fruit, a hybrid of blackberry and raspberry, the drink was sweet, tart, and an intensely dark purple. Unfortunately, Crystal Beach closed due to financial problems in 1989 and its rides were demolished or dismantled and sold to other theme parks.

Do they still make loganberry?

At PJ’s Crystal Beach, though, loganberry is the center of attention. The family that created the product still owns it and runs the company. PJ himself still hands out taste portions of the drink at stores.

Does Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry have caffeine?

Caffeine free. Very low sodium. Naturally and artificially flavored.

Does Walmart sell loganberry?

Loganberry Preserve, 12 Oz –

What do you mix with loganberry gin?

The loganberry Gin and Tonic brings just enough sophisticated berry flavor to the drink. Though if you were to serve it Gin Tonica style, I’d suggest a couple raspberries and blueberries.

Does Wegmans carry loganberry?

Crystal Beach Syrup, Original Loganberry | Wegmans.

What can I do with loganberry syrup?

Use PJ’s loganberry syrup as a drink mixed with water and ice, or full-strength as a dessert topping, slushie syrup or even in a milkshake or cocktail.

Where is loganberry drink from?

Loganberry is a popular beverage flavoring in Western New York and parts of Southern Ontario, beginning there as a drink sold at Crystal Beach Park in Crystal Beach, Ontario.

How do you serve Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin?

Pour Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin into a glass with ice and top with Tonic Water. Garnish with blackberries.

Where can I get a loganberry shake at?

Wegmans also carries various bottled loganberry drinks, including one by another brand, PJ’s Crystal Beach Loganberry Juice, notable for offering a diet version. Good to know: The Ted’s Hot Dogs chain (multiple locations including 7018 Transit Rd., Williamsville, map) not only has great hot dogs; it also serves a thick and creamy loganberry shake.

What’s the best way to use a loganberry?

There are many ways loganberry can be used. Loganberry is common in jams, jellies, preserves, syrups, and baked goods like pies and crumbles. Loganberries can also be used interchangeably with blackberries and raspberries in recipes for tarts and other desserts.

Where can I get Johnnie Ryan’s loganberry drink?

Where: Johnnie Ryan’s loganberry drink (pictured) is served at all Mighty Taco branches (17 locations including 2363 Delaware Ave., map ), itself a locally beloved Buffalo institution (for better or worse) serving fast-food tacos and burritos. We spied Aunt Rosie’s at Anderson’s (multiple locations including 2235 Sheridan Dr., map ).

What’s the best way to make loganberry juice?

Dilute the drink with sparkling water, filtered water, or champagne at a ratio of four to six, respectively. Boil the water, and add the sugar. Let cool, and add the loganberry juice and lemon juice. Place in the refrigerator and freeze for about two hours until it becomes ice.