Is Fear Dot Com a real website?

Is Fear Dot Com a real website?

It turns out that all of the people who died visited a website called (which is currently a site that advises you on how to pick up escorts in the UK, for some reason). After watching a strange series of images, they lose their minds, and then get scared to death 48 hours later.

Where does fear dot com take place?

New York
FearDotCom is set in New York, but instead of providing digitized skylines and enhanced locales to fudge the differences, FearDotCom simply plunges the city into the dark…

When did fear dot com come out?

August 30, 2002 (USA)
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What is fear dot com rated?

Feardotcom/MPAA rating
R (Language|Grisly Images of Torture|Nudity|Violence) William Malone. Limor Diamant, Moshe Diamant.

What is the movie Fear Dot Com about?

When four bodies are discovered among the industrial decay and urban grime of New York City, brash young detective Mike Reilly (Stephen Dorff) teams with ambitious Department of Health researcher Terry Huston (Natascha McElhone) to uncover the cause behind their violent and inexplicable deaths. The only common factor shared by the victims? Each died exactly 48 hours after logging on to
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Why is fear dot com rated R?

Fear dot com, a Warner Bros. release, is rated R for violence, including grisly images of torture, nudity and language. Running time: 98 minutes.

Does Fear Dot Com have Gore?

Gore Factor Feardotcom (2002) features heavy topics, including torture, kidnapping, and snuff films. However, not much gore accompanies the heaviness of the material. Photographs of tortured women are shown and they can get pretty graphic. But in the torture scenes, there’s little to no violence and blood present.

What are the reviews on fear dot com?

As of 2018, it holds a 3% approval rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes based on 101 reviews and has a weighted average of 2.65/10. The critics’ consensus reads: “As frustrating as a 404 error, Fear Dot Com is a stylish, incoherent, and often nasty mess with few scares.”

Is the FeardotCom site a ghost site?

It is revealed that Feardotcom is, in fact, a ghost site made by one of Pratt’s first victims, who is seeking revenge because people watched her being tortured and murdered. She was tortured by Pratt for 48 hours before she begged him to kill her, which explains why the victims have 48 hours to live.

What was the error code on

(Error Code: 102630) A New York City detective investigates mysterious deaths occurring 48 hours after users log onto a site named feardotcom. A New York City detective investigates mysterious deaths occurring 48 hours after users log onto a site named feardotcom.

How did the people die on

They all died 48 hours after logging on to a site named Tough detective Mike Reilly collaborates with Department of Health associate Terry Huston to research these mysterious deaths. The only way to find out though what really happened is to enter the site itself…