Is BCS same as Bscs?

Both of the the courses are basically same because they are both degree level courses. In BCS course you have to learn computer science related subjects in degree level. But in Bsc computer science course you have to learn computer science as honours subject, and other two subjects as pass subjects in degree level.

Is BCS a Computer Science?

Is BCS an engineering degree? Ans. B. Tech CSE is an engineering degree, and BCS is Bachelors in Computer Science degree.

Is a BCS degree good?

Yes, you can! We are living in the world of Technolgy and Computer Science is the mother of all. So you can get a job after doing BCS i.e. Bachelor in Computer Science. But the possibility of getting a sure job after doing BCS is low than BCA.

Which is better be or BCS?

For higher studies and research you should prefer to go for BCS, the graduates are known as Computer Scientist. They also have good job opportunities but many prefer this degree to pursue higher studies. For job preferred students,they should go for B. Tech,the graduates are known as Computer Engineers.

Which degree is better BCS or BCA?

BCA course is better than BCS because in this you wil learn: Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced) Communication Skills.

Is CET necessary for BCS?

BCS course admissions involve Common Entrance Test (CET) based selection method as well as a merit-based selection criterion that is the percentage of marks obtained by the candidate at 10+2 or equivalent level.

What is BCS salary India?

Bachelor of College Studies (BCS) Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range
Job Title:Software Engineer Range:₹211k – ₹1m
Senior Software Engineer Range:₹439k – ₹2m (Estimated *)
Web Developer Range:₹104k – ₹466k (Estimated *)
Account Manager Range:₹343k – ₹1m (Estimated *)

What is salary of BCS in India?

Salary Packages for BCS

Job Roles Average Annual Salary
Senior Software Engineer INR 6 LPA
NET Software Developer INR 5 LPA
Data Analyst INR 4 LPA

Is CET required for BCS?