Is Adulting a verb or noun?

Is Adulting a verb or noun?

Adulting is a fairly new gerund that stems from the use of the word adult as a verb. A gerund is a a verb form ending in ing that acts as a noun. We will examine the definition of adulting, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. Adulting simply means behaving maturely or acting like an adult.

What is a noun for adults?

Adult is noun and an adjective, both of which refer to something mature, no longer a child. A full-grown person is called an adult: they can vote, rent cars, and choose to eat sugary cereal for dinner every night. If you’re still a child, then you are not an adult — that’s the noun version.

Is there such a word as Adulting?

Adulting is an informal term to describe behavior that is seen as responsible and grown-up.

What’s another word for Adulting?

What is another word for adulting?

acting responsibly behaving maturely
being mature being responsible
meeting one’s responsibilities acting like an adult
behaving like an adult taking care of business

What is the adulthood age?

adulthood, the period in the human lifespan in which full physical and intellectual maturity have been attained. Adulthood is commonly thought of as beginning at age 20 or 21 years. Middle age, commencing at about 40 years, is followed by old age at about 60 years.

Who is an Oraclist?

A communicator or interpreter of oracles; (in extended use) a person professing the wisdom or authority of an oracle.

What Adulting means?

1. to behave in an adult manner; engage in activities associated with adulthood. 2. to make someone behave like an adult; turn someone into an adult.

What are the adult words?


  • adult.
  • full-blown.
  • grown.
  • grown-up.
  • in one’s prime.
  • marriageable.
  • mature.
  • nubile.