Is 6teen based in Canada?

Is 6teen based in Canada?

6teen (originally titled The Mall) is a Canadian animated comedy television series originally produced by Nelvana, with the final season produced by Fresh TV.

Is 6teen kid friendly?

Fun show about teenage life suitable for preteens and above.

Is 6teen an anime?

6teen (anime style) is an anime series coming to Right Stuf Network. It is an anime version of the series on Teletoon, Cartoon Network, and formerly Nickelodeon.

Why did they cancel stoked?

Cartoon Network, which aired the episodes of Stoked in the United States, has aired the episodes with minor edits. As of July 2010, Stoked has been dropped from Cartoon Network’s schedule. While it aired Stoked, there were many complaints, mainly over censoring and over trailer issues.

Do they ever leave the mall in 6teen?

But before we get to that, there’s a third thing to consider, and that is this: These kids basically never leave the mall. Almost the entire show is set in one location, and that location is a mall.

Does 6teen have swearing?

2: These are not what sixteen year-old teens act like (in reality, a 6teen year old is serious and curses a lot, but there is no sign of profanity in this show).

Who made stoked?

Stoked (TV series)

Created by Jennifer Pertsch Tom McGillis
Directed by Faruk Cemalovic
Voices of Jeff Geddis Katie Crown Kristin Fairlie Mazin Elsadig Anastasia Phillips Arnold Pinnock Cory Doran
Theme music composer Brian Pickett Greame Cornies

What race is Nikki Wong?

Nikki is of Chinese descent, although her phone has a Japanese Flag design on it (although she might also have some Japanese ancestry).

How old is Broseph from stoked?


Job: Bellhop
Age: 16
Family: Mother, Grommet (younger brother), uncle who is an electrician
Friends: Emma, Reef, Fin, Johnny, Lo

When did the TV show Sixteen come out?

Sixteen (Korean : 식스틴, stylized as SIXTEEN) is a reality girl group survival show created by JYP Entertainment and Mnet that ran in 2015. The show pitted sixteen trainees against one another to secure a spot in the girl group Twice.

What was the TV show that got cancelled?

Canceled after 2 seasons. The YA fantasy series, which featured a bisexual lead character named Eretria, originally aired on MTV in its first season, but was then moved to the now defunct Spike for season 2.

How many episodes of sixteen are there on Mnet?

The show pitted sixteen trainees against one another to secure a spot in the girl group Twice. Sixteen contestants were assessed not just by their singing and dancing abilities but also their charisma and personality. The show ran from May 5 to July 7 on Mnet for ten episodes.

Who are the contestants in the TV show Sixteen?

Starting on April 13, 2015, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) began releasing profiles of the 16 candidates through Mnet’s channel and the official Sixteen YouTube channel. The contestants were revealed to include two Japanese trainees, one Japanese-American trainee, one Thai trainee, one Korean-Canadian trainee, and one Taiwanese trainee.