How to attack on Grepolis?

How to attack on Grepolis?

If you have selected your target, just click on them to bring up the attack option. This will be available for Farming Villages, ghost cities, and cities belonging to other players. You should make sure to get a spy report before attacking another player, especially if they are just as active as you.

How do you defend in grepolis?

Grepolis Guide

  1. Make sure your city is built for defence:
  2. Make sure you’re using the right units for defence:
  3. Use the right naval units to defend your harbour:
  4. Make sure you have the right research:
  5. Use premium features if you can:
  6. Use divine powers:
  7. Go large for best results:

How do you level up heroes in grepolis?

By investing “Coins of War” or “Coins of Wisdom”, heroes can reach new levels (up to level 20), this will improve their base values and special skills. Heroes are not lost if you restart on a world. Heroes don’t die. Following a defeat they are merely wounded and regain their strength over time.

What is a nuke in grepolis?

Nukes are cities where you only build one kind of troops.

How do you break a siege in grepolis?

Holding the siege To hold your siege, you will need both biremes and defensive support troops to arrive after your colony ship. You need both, since, if either you naval units or ground units die, the colony ship with be destroyed as well and the siege will be broken.

Who is the best hero in grepolis?

1) Ari- Fast LS reloads.

  • 2) Hercules- Favor Farming.
  • 3) Deimos- Siege break buff.
  • 4) Urpheon- Siege break buff.
  • 5) Democritus- People always affiliate him with event myths.
  • 6) Zuretha- Big LS hit.
  • 7) Pariphaistes- Faster ship reload times. (
  • 8) Chiron- Cheap and quick hoplites.

Do you need conquest to take a ghost city in grepolis?

You also conquer the city as soon as the CS arrives, meaning that you can gain cities very quickly if you have the culture points and there are some big Ghost Towns around you. However, in Conquest you must place it under siege to conquer the city.

How do I take over a ghost town in grepolis?

  1. Unlike a normal city, it is impossible to cast a spell on a ghost town.
  2. In Revolt worlds, you do not need to have placed the city in revolt in order to take it, you can simply send the colony ship. You do not need to have Revolt researched in the academy.

What does RR mean in grepolis?

DLU- Defensive land units. RR- Red Revolt: The latter period in a revolt.

What can you do with units in Grepolis?

Units Portal. In Grepolis, you may build units in order to attack other cities or defend your own. Land units can be used to pillage other cities on your own island, whilst naval units can be used to transport land units to other islands or can be used to attack others’ naval ships.

How do I create an account on Grepolis?

You can create an account easily on the front page. To create an account, click the “Play Now For Free” button and select your username, password and world. An email address and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions are also required. How Much Does It Cost? Grepolis is free, forever.

Do you have to pay money to play Grepolis?

Grepolis is free, forever. However, if you would like access to any special features or bonuses (eg. different overviews), you may pay some money for some gold, which may be used however you wish.

Why do you need market level 5 in Grepolis?

A good reason to get market level five early on is that you can trade with farming villages at a really good ratio. The max you can trade with any farming village at a time is 2.000 resources. However, the starting ratio is always 1:1.25, which means that for your 2.000 resources, you get 2.500 back.