How tall is the largest African elephant?

How tall is the largest African elephant?

The largest elephant on record was an adult male African savanna elephant. He weighed about 24,000 pounds (10,886 kilograms) and was 13 feet (3.96 meters) tall at the shoulder! Most elephants don’t get that large, but African elephants do grow larger than Asian elephants.

How tall is a fully grown elephant?

They grow to between 8.2 and 13 feet (2.5 and 4 meters) tall at the shoulder and weigh 5,000 to 14,000 lbs. (2,268 to 6,350 kilograms), according to National Geographic.

How big is a male African elephant?

African elephants are the largest of all land animals, adult males weighing between 1,800 and 6,300 kg (2 and 7 tons/ 4,000 and 14,000 lb.). Females are smaller, weighing between 2,700 and 3,600 kg (3 and 4 tons/ 6,000 and 8,000 lb.).

What is the average height of a male African elephant?

The average African elephant will grow to between 8.2 to 13 feet (2.5 to 4 m) tall, measured from shoulder to toe, according to the National Geographic. Male elephants can grow to be significantly larger than their female counterparts. Still a mighty animal, female elephants, or “Cows”, only grow to somewhere between 9 and 13 feet.

What is the largest African elephant?

The African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) is the largest of all elephants. It stands almost four meters in height and it is the heaviest living elephant species.

What is the size of a female African elephant?

African bush elephants are the largest species, with males being 304-336 cm (10 ft 0 in-11 ft 0 in) tall at the shoulder with a body mass of 5.2-6.9 t (5.7-7.6 short tons) and females standing 247-273 cm (8 ft 1 in-8 ft 11 in) tall at the shoulder with a body mass of 2.6-3.5 t (2.9-3.9 short tons).

How are Africa elephants different than Asian elephants?

Asian and African elephants can be differentiated most easily by their ears, their head shape, and their tusks . The easiest way to distinguish African elephants from Asian elephants is to look at the ears. African elephants have much larger ears that look sort of like the continent of Africa, while Asian elephants have smaller, round ears.