How should I start my group exam preparation?

How should I start my group exam preparation?

Essential Books List for APPSC Group-1 Prelims Exam

  1. NCERT Text Books.
  2. AP SCERT Text Books.
  3. R S Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, General English Books.
  4. M.
  5. CBSE Text Books on Disaster Management.
  6. Daily News paper.
  7. Good current affairs magazine.
  8. NIOS Text books on Environment.

What is the easiest way to prepare for exams?

10 Ways to Prepare for Exams

  1. Have a positive attitude.
  2. Begin early and space out your studying.
  3. Have specific goals for each study session.
  4. Organize your study materials before you start the session.
  5. Create your own study materials.
  6. Use Technology.
  7. Take advantage of Campus Resources.
  8. Eat Healthy.

How can I prepare for a group without coaching?

Here are 7 methods for how to Prepare for Competitive Exam without Coaching-

  1. Understand the Syllabus.
  2. Prepare an Effective Daily-Study Schedule.
  3. Fix Weekly Targets and Achieve Them.
  4. Be Positive & Confident.
  5. Refer to Standard Study Material.
  6. Take Proper Rest & Sleep.
  7. Revise, Revise & Revise.

Which degree is best for Group 1?

The general educational qualification needed to be eligible for the TNPSC Group 1 posts is a graduate degree from a recognized university in India.

What are the subjects in Group 1?

For Interview:

Subject Duration Maximum Marks
Written Examination (Main) General English (Qualifying Test) 3 Hours 150
Paper-I General Essay 3 Hours 150
Paper-II History, Cultural, and Geography 3 Hours 150
Paper-III Indian Society, Constitution, and Governance 3 Hours 150

How do I study for a lot of exams?

Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips

  1. Give yourself enough time to study. via GIPHY.
  2. Organize your study space. via GIPHY.
  3. Use flow charts and diagrams. via GIPHY.
  4. Practice on old exams. via GIPHY.
  5. Explain your answers to others. via GIPHY.
  6. Organize study groups with friends. via GIPHY.
  7. Take regular breaks. via GIPHY.
  8. Snack on brain food.

How do you clear an exam?

Prepare a time table including your short term and long term goals; this in turn will help you in timely preparation for the exam. A good time table is most likely to help you in better preparation and avoids haphazardness. 3) Study Smartly: Working hard is always important but smart study never goes out of fashion.