How old was James Brown when he died?

How old was James Brown when he died?

Officially, Brown died of heart failure in the early hours of Dec. 25, 2006, in the presence of only his personal manager, Charles Bobbit. He was 73 years old, he had abused cocaine and PCP for most of his life, and his heart finally gave out as a result.

Who was the district attorney in Atlanta when James Brown died?

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. told CNN his investigators would conduct interviews and weigh potential evidence before deciding whether to launch a full-scale death investigation. Brown, one of the nation’s most prominent entertainers, died at 73 at a hospital in Atlanta on December 25, 2006.

When did James Brown’s third wife die?

She walked out of the Fulton County courthouse holding a property receipt. About three years ago, she called CNN with the astonishing claim that both James Brown and his third wife, Adrienne, had been murdered. Adrienne Brown died January 6, 1996, in California while recovering from plastic surgery.

Who was the doctor who signed James Brown’s death certificate?

More than a decade later, however, at least a dozen people — including Dr. Marvin Crawford, the physician who signed Brown’s death certificate — have come forward to express their doubts in that pronouncement.

How did Michael Brown die on Christmas Eve?

The physician says when he left the hospital on December 24 to spend Christmas Eve with his family, all seemed well — but late that night, he received a phone call from the hospital that Brown’s heart had stopped. By the time he had returned to work, Brown was dead.

How did James Brown’s ex Adrienne Brown die?

Officially, the Brown family said Adrienne died of complications following a cosmetic surgical procedure, but a retired police detective who had investigated her death, later found a notebook from an informant alleging that a doctor confessed to murdering Brown’s ex via a drug overdose made to look like an accident.