How old was Calum Worthy during Austin and ally?

How old was Calum Worthy during Austin and ally?

Austin and Ally may be the ones in the spotlight on their Disney Channel sitcom, recording albums and going on tours, but the duo wouldn’t be hitting such high notes without the help of Dez, the weirdly wacky and arguably fashionable character played by 22-year-old actor Calum Worthy.

Where is Calum Worthy from?

Victoria, Canada
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Is Nick Godejohn special needs?

Kent Franks testified that Godejohn has autism spectrum disorder level 2, per the Springfield News-Leader, “requiring substantial support with accompanying intellectual impairment.” His diagnosis would make it “difficult to deliberate,” and his defense advocated for a “less serious conviction” that the prosecution …

How old was Calum Worthy when he was born?

Calum Worthy was born on 28th January 1991 in Victoria, Canada, to David Worthy and Sandra Webster. His father, David, is a professor. How old is Calum Worthy? As of 2021, Calum Worthy age is 30 years old. Calum attended Claremont Secondary School. He was a very brilliant and hardworking student.

How old is Calum Worthy from Austin and ally?

Calum Worthy is a 21 year old actor, singer, and dancer. He stars as one of the main characters, Dez, on Austin & Ally. Worthy was born in Victoria, British Colombia.

Who is Calum Worthy in American Vandal?

In 2018, Calum played Alex Trimboli in the first season of Netflix’s American Vandal. In 2019, he played Nicholas Godejohn in the first season of The Act.

How old was Calum Worthy in Night Visions?

Calum made his screen debut at the age of nine, guest starring in Fox’s Night Visions (directed by Bill Pullman). At the age of ten, he booked his first leading role, starring in the BBC six episode mini-series I Was a Rat, with Brenda Fricker, Tom Conti, Edward Fox and Don McKellar (directed by Laurie Lynd).