How old is the Huntly Power Station?

How old is the Huntly Power Station?

The Huntly power station was commissioned in 1982 to run on gas and coal. As Māui gas supplies began to run out in the early 2000s, coal increasingly became the major fuel. When running entirely on coal, the station could use over 3 million tonnes a year.

Is Huntly Power Station still operational?

In April 2016, Genesis Energy announced that the Huntly Power Station would continue operation of its two remaining coal / gas burning units until December 2022. The two gas turbine generators would continue to operate into the future.

When did Huntly Power Station open?

The Huntly Thermal Power Station is highly visible to travellers on State Highway One between Auckland and Hamilton. The power station was built from 1973 to 1983 and was designed to burn both coal and gas.

Is Huntly power station coal fired?

Huntly power station is a 954-megawatt (MW) (500 MW coal- and gas-fired, 403 MW gas-fired, and 51 MW gas- and diesel-fired) power plant in Waikato Region, New Zealand.

What is the largest power station in New Zealand?

Manapōuri generates enough electricity each year for about 619,000 average New Zealand homes. Manapōuri is the largest hydro power station in New Zealand, and is located on the edge of Lake Manapōuri’s West Arm in the Fiordland National Park, which has UNESCO World Heritage status as part of Te Wāhipounamu.

When did electricity become common UK?

When did electricity become common in homes? Let’s start by considering how old the UK system is. In 1881, the first public electricity generator in Britain was installed in Godalming, Surrey. The next year they passed the Electric Light Act which was the first public measure dealing with electricity supply.

Is Contact Energy NZ owned?

Contact Energy, currently a State Owned Enterprise, is now one of New Zealand’s largest energy companies. It generates more than a quarter of the nation’s electricity, is one of our largest gas suppliers and has about 450,000 gas and electricity customers.

What does the Huntly power station do?

Huntly power station in the North Island of New Zealand is a coal and gas fired steam plant. Coal or gas is burnt to generate steam at 540ºC and 166 bars (2,300 psi) pressure, which drives a generator.

When was the Huntly thermal power station built?

The 1000 megawatt (MW) Huntly Thermal Power Station was built on the lower Waikato River from 1973 to 1983. It is the largest thermal power scheme in New Zealand and its construction brought enormous changes to the small town of Huntly and the surrounding rural landscape.

How big is the Huntly gas turbine power plant?

This plant increased the total generating capacity of Huntly by 403 MW (250 MW gas turbine + 153 MW steam turbine). The new turbine represented an investment of NZ$520 million and it increased the total installed capacity to 1453 MW.

Why was Huntly Power Station important to New Zealand?

It is the largest thermal power scheme in New Zealand and its construction brought enormous changes to the small town of Huntly and the surrounding rural landscape. The power scheme was constructed in an area that few people considered to be scenic and its construction did not provoke a national-scale environmental protest.

How tall are the chimneys at Huntly Power Station?

Each of the four original generating units, which are capable of burning either coal or gas, installed in stages between 1973 and 1985, is capable of generating 250 MW ( Megawatts) of electricity, giving a historical generating capacity of 1000 MW. Its chimneys are 150 metres high and each chimney has two flues that are 7 metres in diameter.