How much money do you need for boarding school?

How much money do you need for boarding school?

The minimum price for boarding fee in Sydney starts at $17,250 while the highest price can amount up to $26,280. You can save more money if you pass the application for a scholarship program that offers free or partial boarding fee during your stay.

Do you have free time in boarding school?

During weekends and evenings, you can spend free time with your friends, enjoy dorm events or participate in on-campus activities. And don’t worry — there are plenty of opportunities for fun off-campus as well!

What happens if you send your child to boarding school?

If you are going to send your child to boarding school, this is likely going to be the situation. You’re sending them away from home to live in a place where people have different lives, different values and in all likelihood, your child will stick out like a sore thumb for a while.

Do you get boarding allowance for your child?

This allowance can help your family with the cost of your child boarding away from home to go to school. It may include both: Additional Boarding Allowance. You can get Boarding Allowance for your child if your child boards at a school, a hostel or privately. You also need to meet the eligibility criteria.

How much does it cost to go to boarding school?

For some, the annual price tag may sound like too much of a roadblock to even consider boarding school in the first place. After all, with the average cost clocking in at $48,050 a year, a boarding school education is a bit like tackling a college tuition long before those days arrive.

Do you need insurance to go to boarding school?

Sometimes, life throws a wrench into private school plans. Most boarding schools, no matter your payment schedule, require tuition insurance. This support system is particularly helpful if you’ve arranged a payment plan over the cost of the year.