How much is a Caesar coin worth?

How much is a Caesar coin worth?

Caesar lifetime portrait coins have always been in strong demand from collectors, and prices in recent auctions have ranged from under $3,000 to a whopping $55,000, with an average around $10,000.

How much would a Roman coin be worth today?

Most of them are valued today at 20-50 $ a pieces of medium condition and not so rare. In some cases, for example a rare emperor or rare reverse can have a high value, around 1000 $ or even higher.

How old is the Julius Caesar coin?

The coin is only the third known example in gold “It was made in 42 B.C., two years after the famous assassination, and is one of the most important and valuable coins of the ancient world,” said Mark Salzberg, chairman of Sarasota, Fla.

What did Caesar’s coin mean?

Struck early January 44 BC. 19mm, 3.99 g, 12h. The first of Caesar’s portrait coins identifies him as Dictator Quartum (“Dictator for the fourth time”), indicating that it was struck before he became Dictator for Life. The lituus behind his head is an instrument of divination that signifies Caesar’s priesthood.

What are the most expensive Roman coins?

The extremely rare gold version of the ‘EID MAR’ denarius of Brutus, probably the most famous ancient coin out there, was sold on 30 October 2020 at Roma Numismatics Auction XX for a record-breaking sum of 2.7 million pounds (approx. 2,988,360 euros).

When was the first silver denarius coin made?

The Roman Silver Denarius. Few ancient coins are as recognizable as the Roman denarius. This small silver coin carries massive historical significance. Produced from 211 BC until the middle of the 3rd century AD, this denomination served as the backbone of Roman coinage and was the inspiration behind many later European coins.

Is the 10 denari coin still in circulation?

The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia issued Macedonian Denar coins in 7 different denominations, including this 10 Denari coin Macedonia. They are part of the Macedonian Denar coins series. The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia started issuing these 10 Macedonian Denar coins in 2008. They are currently still in circulation.

Where is the Peacock on a 10 denari coin?

On the coin of 10 Macedonian denari is a peacock, part of the famous floor mosaic of Stobi, ancient town of Paeonia. On the front side of the 10 denari piece are the sun rays of the Macedonian flag.

What was the weight of a Roman silver denarius?

Weights on Silver denarii produced in this time fluctuated greatly, and most coins would range between 2.5g – 3.5g. Not long after, the heavily debased silver denarius was replaced by the antoninianus, or “ double denarius .”