How many people drown in pool each year?

How many people drown in pool each year?

It’s an unbelievable statistic: According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of 1 and 4. And according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 390 deaths a year on average are attributed to drowning in a swimming pool or at a spa.

Do more people drown in pools or the ocean?

“We socialize boys to take more risks and therefore that is part of it,” Mackay said. “We may supervise slightly different based on the gender of the kids.” The report also notes that African American and Native American children and teens are at an increased risk of drowning deaths.

How many adults drown in pools?

According to Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics, approximately 3,536 people drowned each year in pools and other non-boating-related accidents over a ten-year span in the United States. Sadly, of the total number of accidental drownings, approximately one in five victims are aged 14 or younger.

Why are there so many drownings?

Open Water Increases the Possibility for Drowning Most drownings in the 1-4 year-old age range, usually occur in swimming pools. As age increases, drownings happen more frequently in open water settings. For those 15–35 years, theCDC states more than 57% of the drownings occurred in open water.

How many kids drown in buckets every year?

Unfortunately, about 20 children die in the U.S. every year because they drown in buckets. Children love water. When a child sees a bucket of water, it is an instant attraction. Unfortunately, toddlers are top heavy.

What state has the most drownings?


1 Hawaii 3.0
2 Mississippi 2.1
3 Montana 1.9
4 Louisiana 1.8
Rank State Rate

Can a child drown in a bucket of water?

Background: Unintentional drowning is the leading cause of death for children younger than 5 years old. A bucket is one of the most common water container in which children can drown.

Why are there so many drownings this year?

Rising numbers of drownings are being reported in lakes, rivers, backyard pools and other bodies of inland water across the US this summer, amid factors such as early season severe heatwaves and children having missed out on swimming lessons during the pandemic.

Has anyone ever drowned in a bucket?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received reports of over 275 young children who have drowned in buckets since 1984. Over 30 other children have been hospitalized. Almost all of the containers were 5-gallon buckets containing liquids. Most were used for mopping floors or other household chores.

How often do people die in swimming pools?

And according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 390 deaths a year on average are attributed to drowning in a swimming pool or at a spa. Here are some other statistics about swimming pool accidents and drowning deaths among children:

How often do children drown in the pool?

CPSC reports that annually there are more than 300 pool or spa-related drownings for children younger than 15.

How many people die each year from drowning?

According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in the world, with 372,000 drowning deaths reported annually. The Centers for Disease Control report that here in the United States, on average, 3,536 people died from drowning annually…

Where is the highest risk location for drowning?

The highest risk locations for drowning vary by age. Among infants under 1 year old, two thirds of all drownings occur in bathtubs. 2 Most drownings happen in home swimming pools among children ages 1–4. 2 More than half of fatal and nonfatal drownings among people 15 years and older occur in natural waters like lakes, rivers, or oceans. 2