How many different alleles do the mice have for fur color?

How many different alleles do the mice have for fur color?

A major reason for this choice are the many coat color mutations in the mouse, now totaling approximately 130 different genes with nearly 1,000 different alleles, many of which have been available for centuries.

How many alleles do mice have?

MGI currently holds (Table 1) over 43,000 alleles present in mice which have been used to investigate phenotypes and diseases in over 55,600 and 4500 genotypes, respectively.

How many alleles are there in a locus?

two alleles
Because loci are located on chromosomes, and we inherit one chromosome from each of our parents, each locus has two alleles. These alleles can recombine from generation to generation to produce different genotypes.

What is an allele at a locus?

An allele is a variant form of a gene. Some genes have a variety of different forms, which are located at the same position, or genetic locus, on a chromosome. Humans are called diploid organisms because they have two alleles at each genetic locus, with one allele inherited from each parent.

Why do mice have different colored fur?

The color of a mouse’s fur is affected by the alleles they inherit for the MC1R gene. Mice that have two copies of allele 1 have the lightest fur, those with two copies of allele 2 have the darkest fur, and heterozygotes have intermediate fur color (though it is closer to the dark fur color).

How do alleles determine fur color?

An allele is a form of a gene. if the two alleles are dominant then the dominant trait will be expressed. if the two alleles are recessive then the recessive trait will be expressed. Assume black fur color is dominant over brown fur color in an organism.

Which color of fur in mice is the recessive trait?

White fur
The inheritance of fur colour in mice is controlled by a single gene. White fur is recessive – a. Grey fur is dominant – A.

How many genotypes does 8 alleles have?

36 possible genotypes
Therefore, 8 alleles of a gene can have 36 possible genotypes in the population.

What color is mouse fur?

Mouse Fur Color It lives primarily in old fields and on white sand beaches. There are several sub-species, each having a somewhat unique fur color ranging from dark brown to very light brown, approaching white.