How many countries have Africa in the name?

How many countries have Africa in the name?

54 countries
There are 54 countries in Africa today, according to the United Nations.

Why Africa is called Africa?

Roman theory According to this school of thought, the Romans discovered a land opposite the Mediterranean and named it after the Berber tribe residing within the Carnage area, presently referred to as Tunisia. The tribe’s name was Afri, and the Romans gave the name Africa meaning the land of the Afri.

Who named African countries?

All historians agree that it was the Roman use of the term ‘Africa’ for parts of Tunisia and Northern Algeria which ultimately, almost 2000 years later, gave the continent its name. There is, however, no consensus amongst scholars as to why the Romans decided to call these provinces ‘Africa’.

Where do African country names come from?

Almost every country in the world is named after either a feature of the country, an influential person or tribe, or a directional description of the land. The majority of African countries’ names are reminders of early colonialism.

What are the ten largest countries in Africa?

Top 10 Largest African Countries 10) Ethiopia (1,104,300 square kilometers) 9) South Africa (1,219,090 square kilometers) 8) Mali (1,240,192 square kilometers) 7) Angola (1,246,700 square kilometers) 6) Niger (1,267,000 square kilometers) 5) Chad (1,284,000 square kilometers) 4) Libya (1,759,540 square kilometers)

What are the most popular countries in Africa?

Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country, followed by Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, with 190 million people. Editorial credit: ariyo olasunkanmi /

What are the 3 countries in Africa?


  • Ethiopia
  • Egypt
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Sudan
  • Algeria
  • Uganda
  • What are the most visited countries in Africa?

    The most popular country with tourists to Africa is Morocco, which received 10 million visitors in 2013. Some of the biggest attractions are the Atlas mountains , giant sand dunes, and beach resorts.