How many branches does BRAC Bank have?

How many branches does BRAC Bank have?

Since inception in 2001, with 154 branches, 400 SME unit offices, more than 300 ATMs, 30 cash deposit machines and more than 1,800 remittance delivery points BRAC Bank is one of the country’s fastest growing banks.

Which generation bank is BRAC Bank?

BRAC Bank Limited, hereinafter called BBL, is a first growing third generation-scheduled commercial bank incorporated on 20th May 1999 as a public limited company under Companies Act, 1994 with multinational collaboration including IFC of The World Bank Group & Shore Cap.

Who is the owner of BRAC Bank?

International Finance Corporation
BRAC Bank Limited/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of BRAC Bank?

Selim R. F. Hussain
Board of Directors

Selim R. F. Hussain Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd., Brac IT Services Ltd., BRAC-EPL Investments Ltd., IDLC Investments Ltd., BRAC Bank Ltd., bKash Ltd.
Fahima Choudhury Independent Director BRAC Bank Ltd.

Who is the present chairman of BRAC Bank?

Economist Ahsan H Mansur
Ahsan Mansur new Brac Bank chairperson. Economist Ahsan H Mansur has recently been elected as the new chairperson of Brac Bank. He is succeeding Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder chairperson of the bank.

How many values are there in Brac?

The values of BRAC are innovation, integrity, inclusiveness and effectiveness. Innovation: BRAC has been an innovator in the creation of opportunities for the poor to lift themselves out of poverty.

When was BRAC Bank established?

July 4, 2001
BRAC Bank Limited/Founded

What is the full form of Brac?

The Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) is a non-governmental organization founded in Bangladesh in 1972.

What is full BRAC?

Where is the NGO BRAC located?

BRAC, an NGO that started in Bangladesh, has expanded its work to 10 other countries in Asia and Africa.

Where is the headquarter of BRAC?

Dhaka, Bangladesh
BRAC (organisation)

Predecessor Building Resources Across Communities Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
Purpose International development
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Key people Asif Saleh (executive director)
Revenue (2016) ৳6053.7 crore (US$720 million)

Where is BRAC located?

Brač, Italian Brazza, rugged, mountainous island in the Adriatic Sea that is part of Croatia. With an area of 153 square miles (395 square km), Brač is one of the larger islands in the Adriatic; it lies southeast of the mainland city of Split.

How many ATMs are there in BRAC Bank?

BRAC Bank holds a dynamic network of 156 branches, 400 SME unit offices, 500 Remittance Delivery Points, nearly 350 ATMs and 14 Financial Kiosks across the country. The stakeholders of the bank are BRAC, the largest non-government organization in the world and International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of The World Bank.

Who are the stakeholders of BRAC Bank?

The stakeholders of the bank are BRAC, the largest non-government organization in the world and International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of The World Bank. BRAC Bank believes in people and planet, but in a profitable manner.

Which is the branch of BRAC Bank in Gazipur?

Jaydebpur Branch,Rahamat Tower, Holding No# 1034, Joydebpur Chowrasta, Gazipur. Board Bazar Branch,H#142, Dhaka-Mymensingh Main Road, National University, Gazipur-1704.

Which is the best bank in Dhaka Bangladesh?

BRAC bank is the most popular and good service provider not government Bank in Bangladesh, today we share BRAC bank branch name, address with valid phone number. At present, BRAC Bank has 88 branches in Dhaka district, BRAC Bank Head office in Dhaka, Gulshan Link Road Postcode, 1208