How good is Vindale Research?

How good is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is a legitimate survey panel. They hold a 3.9/5 rating on Trustpilot from over 4,200 reviews. For the security of your private information, their website indicates that they protect your data using SSL Encryption and never ask for your credit card or similar payment information.

What is Vindale com All About?

Vindale Research is a paid survey community stretching from the US to the UK, Canada, and Australia. Our goal is to help thousands of companies hear the opinions of consumers and provide information to make their products better. Members are rewarded cash not points. Signing up is free.

Are branded surveys legit?

Branded Surveys is a legitimate way to earn extra money if you like spending time online taking surveys. It’s easy to use, there are lots of ways to earn points, and the payout process is relatively simple.

How do you cash out on Vindale research?

Vindale Research uses a real cash rewards system instead of a points system. Once your account balance reaches $50, you can request a payout via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to receive payment. For more detailed information on the payout process, visit their FAQ page.

Can you trust Vindale?

Yes. Vindale is a legit survey and market research company. You will get paid if you take surveys and follow the simple payment instructions. What’s more, Vindale has achieved the status of “Great” on TrustPilot, where it has a 4-star rating (out of 5) from over 4,000 reviews.

Is Vindale Research International?

While Vindale may be a good side hustle in your spare time, it’s worth noting the cons as compared to other survey websites. For starters, it is not available to a global audience, only to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Which is the best review of vindale research?

Vindale Research Review in summary: a very solid paid survey panel. Excellent range of surveys, regular and consistent payouts. We find the interface friendly, surveys sensible and had a good experience each time. We give it 8/10. Check Out Their Latest Offers Here.

Is there a Chrome extension for vindale research?

One nice thing about Vindale Research is that they use the questions you just answered to suggest another survey, and then automatically takes you to it. This cuts down on the number of clicks required to earn with surveys. There is also a Google Chrome browser extension you can add that will alert you to new surveys.

Do you get paid for referring someone to vindale research?

Vindale Research will pay you money with their referral program for referring your friends and family. In fact, it’ll pay you $5 for every friend you get to sign up. That could be a nice way to earn some passive income. However, there are some stipulations that come with the $5 payout bonus for referring a friend.

How much money can you make from a vindale survey?

In some cases, people just make $2 or $3 an hour after completing lengthy surveys. In some cases, when the user tried to claim the money, Vindale closed their accounts. In one case, the user claimed that after his first successful payment, the company asked him to send his identification documents.