How does the planets distance from the sun affect the planets mass?

How does the planets distance from the sun affect the planets mass?

That is, the acceleration of a planet in its orbit around the Sun depends upon the mass of the Sun and the inverse square of the planet’s distance from the Sun. As the planet moves further away in its orbit around the Sun, the gravitational force exerted by the Sun on the planet decreases.

What is the relationship between the distance a planet is from the sun and the time it takes to make one revolution around it?

Each planet takes a different amount of time to travel around the sun. This is called the planet’s period of revolution. The closer a planet is to the sun, the shorter its period of revolution. The farther away a planet is from the sun, the longer its period of revolution.

How does the distance from the sun affect the composition of planets and other bodies?

The planets closer to the sun are denser, but the planets farther away are bigger. Among the planets in our solar system, Earth is unique because water exists in all three states – solid, liquid, and gas – on its surface.

What are the relative distances between the planets?

In the lab, the students will measure these distances as meters e.g., “Venus” will be 0.7 meters, or 70 centimeters, from the Sun….

Planet Distance from the Sun, via Bode’s Law
Mars 1.6
asteroid belt 2.8
Jupiter 5.2
Saturn 10.0

What are the planets distance from the sun in KM?

Distance of the planets from the Sun

Planet Distance from the Sun Diameter
Venus 108,200,000 km (0.723 AU) 12,104 km
Earth 149,600,000 km (1.000 AU) 12,756 km
Mars 227,940,000 km (1.524 AU) 6,805 km
Jupiter 778,330,000 km (5.203 AU) 142,984 km

What planets are closest to the Sun?

In our solar system, there are four terrestrial planets, which also happen to be the four closest to the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

What determines the distance of a planet from the Sun?

The distance of each planet from the sun is a determinant of its basic composition. Mars and the planets inside its orbit are known as terrestrial planets because they are composed mostly of rock. The ones outside its orbits are known as gas giants or, in the case of the two outermost planets, ice giants.

What is the list of planets in order of distance from the Sun?

Mercury. This is the planet which bears the brunt of the Sun’s heat.

  • Venus. Venus is the second in line and the hottest of all.
  • Earth. Here comes our “Mother Earth”.
  • Mars. Located at a distance of 228 million km or 1.52 AU,it is the 4th planet in the Solar System.
  • Jupiter.
  • Saturn.
  • Uranus.
  • Neptune.
  • What is the average distance of the planets from the Sun?

    Planet Squares Average distance from Sun Mercury 2.0 36 million miles Venus 3.7 67 million miles Earth 5.1 93 million miles Mars 7.7 142 million miles Jupiter 26.4 484 million miles Saturn 48.4 888 million miles Uranus 97.3 1.8 billion miles Neptune 152.5 2.8 billion miles