How does somax change Priam?

How does somax change Priam?

Eager to appease the king and not affront him, Somax presents Priam to the “simple pleasures” of the outside world. Indeed, Somax’s actions have an impact on Priam as the “coolness of the water” and the “griddlecakes” ease the burden of the journey, Page 2 making him feel “comfortably restored”.

How does Achilles change throughout ransom?

Although Achilles is driven by hatred and anger after Patroclus’ death, as with Priam, he manages to change his ways. He is touched by Priam’s pleas and consequently accepts the ransom and returns Hector’s body.

Who does Poseidon ultimately blame for the fall of Troy?

The Greeks now await good winds so they can sail home to their families after ten long years of war. Poseidon blames the destruction of Troy on the goddesses Hera and Athena, who aligned themselves with the Greeks after being jilted by Paris, who chose Aphrodite instead.

What themes and moral dilemmas are present in extinction?

It specifies both ‘personal integrity’ and ‘environmental responsibility’ as themes for you to consider.

Why is somax an important character in the story?

As Ransom’s only original (and only lower-class) character, Somax occupies a unique role in the novel. Over the course of the novel, however, both Priam and Achilles come to appreciate the pleasures of being simply human (rather than a king, god, symbol, etc.), and Somax plays a key role in this transformation.

What is Achilles thinking about at the shore of the sea?

As Achilles walks away from the water and toward the Greek camp, he thinks about how he himself will not die in the sea but on land. He knows that this is his fate but can’t entirely embrace it, which is why he keeps returning to the beach with his “ghosts”—Patroclus and Hector.

Can we blame Helen for the war of Troy?

Hera and Athene took this incredibly personally and never forgot. Now, Helen is usually blamed the most for the Trojan war, however it is not known whether Helen went with Paris freely or if he and Aphrodite kidnapped her.

What is the message of extinction?

Hannie Rayson, Extinction (2015) – Play Hannie Rayson’s Extinction (2015) is a play with a strong political message about the urgent need to combat man-made climate change to protect biodiversity and to preserve endangered species threatened by human behaviour.

What is the significance of beauty in Ransom?

Beauty, one of a pair of mules that pull Somax’s cart, is a symbol of the pleasures of the incidental and ordinary. Unlike Achilles’s immortal horses Balius and Xanthus, or even the thoroughbreds who pull…