How does a community change over time?

How does a community change over time?

In the field of ecology, community composition changes over time. The study of succession addresses this change, which can be influenced by the environment, biotic interactions, and dispersal. This change in community composition over time is termed succession.

What is it called when a community changes over time?

Ecological succession is the process of change in the species structure of an ecological community over time. It is a process by which an ecological community undergoes more or less orderly and predictable changes following a disturbance or the initial colonization of a new habitat.

What would happen in a community that is disrupted by secondary succession event such as a forest fire?

Although fire, flooding, and other disturbances may bring visible ruin to a landscape, drive out many plants and animals, and set back the biological community to an earlier stage, the habitat is not lifeless, because the soil retains nutrients and seeds that were set down before the disturbance occurred.

What would happen in a community that is disrupted by secondary succession?

In secondary succession, a previously occupied area is re-colonized following a disturbance that kills much or all of its community. Wildfires will burn most vegetation and kill animals unable to flee the area. Their nutrients, however, are returned to the ground in the form of ash.

What is the end result of succession?

A climax community (Figure below) is the end result of ecological succession. The climax community is a stable balance of all organisms in an ecosystem, and will remain stable unless a disaster strikes. After the disaster, succession will start all over again.

How does a community change over the years?

Communities grow and change over time. New people move in as other people move out. New buildings are built and new roads are paved. Your community has a history. History is the events that happened in the past.

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