How do you use loveable in a sentence?

How do you use loveable in a sentence?

having characteristics that attract love or affection.

  1. Birds are always lovable.
  2. His vulnerability makes him even more lovable.
  3. Teddy bears are lovable toys.
  4. He’s such a lovable rascal!
  5. He is a mischievous but lovable boy.
  6. I may be plug-ugly, but I’m lovable.

What is construct sentence example?

A sentence may be constructed with a subject, verb and object. The definition of construct means to build or assemble. An example of to construct is someone building a wooden desk. The artwork was a construct of wire and tubes.

Which one is correct lovable or loveable?

Loveable is a variant spelling of the same adjective. It means the same thing and can be used in all the same contexts. It has been used throughout history with varying degrees of regularity, but today, it has taken a backseat to lovable as the standard spelling in both American and British English.

Whats is loveable mean?

: easy to love : having attractive or appealing qualities. See the full definition for lovable in the English Language Learners Dictionary. lovable. adjective. lov·​able | \ ˈlə-və-bəl \

How do I know if I am lovable?

Even if you feel ashamed due to past failures and mistakes, you are still lovable. Even if you have been rejected or abandoned by someone, you are still lovable. You possess the capacity to attach to others and to receive love from others even when you feel that no one loves you.

What is an example of construct?

What is a Construct? Intelligence, motivation, anxiety, and fear are all examples of constructs. Constructs exist in the human brain and are not directly observable. For example, though you may know a person is smart by the way they speak and what they say, you cannot directly observe intelligence.

How do you use construct in a sentence?

Construct in a Sentence 🔉

  1. A crew was hired to construct the home and we hope it will be built by Christmas.
  2. Because the workers didn’t construct the bridge properly, it fell and crashed into the water below.
  3. The student was asked to construct a sentence that had both a subject and verb.

What do you call someone who is loveable?

likable. (or likeable), reputable, respectable.

Is loveable a compound word?

If you say words with an <-able> suffix in normal speech, we never stress the . So from this we can conclude that neither or use the base, so these cannot be compound words.