How do you unlock islands in super power fighting simulator?

How do you unlock islands in super power fighting simulator?

To unlock this island, you must be an A class/rank. To train there however, you must have at least 10 Qa stats of any type excluding speed. Also, like any other islands, there is a chest in the Lost Sea Island called the Deep Sea Chest which will give you 7500 tokens every 7 hours you come to collect it.

Where are all the training areas in superpower fighting simulator?


Training Area Location Stat Requirement
Toxic Factory Main Island 500M Endurance
Quicksand Desert Island 50B Endurance
Dust Devil Desert Island 30T Endurance
Dolphins Lost Sea Island 10Qa Endurance

How do you get the C class in super power fighting simulator?

C-Class is the fourth Rank obtained by the player inside Super Power Fighting Simulator. A C-class player will have their power increased by 2.5 (from x4 to x10) and their token multiplier increased by 1(x4 total) which grants them about 150 Tokens per minute.

What are codes for superpower fighting simulator?

Here are the latest Super Power Fighting Simulator codes

  • Metaverse – one hour of two times luck.
  • Space – 5,000 tokens.
  • Dragon – 5,000 tokens.
  • 100M – 180 minutes of two times power boost.
  • 400KFAVORITES – 4,000 tokens.
  • artifacts – 50,000 gems.
  • 100KLIKES – 10,000 tokens.
  • 1MMembers – 10,000 tokens.

Where is the library in Super Power training simulator?

The Library is a red building with an open book on top of it. It is located on the other side of the river from spawn. It is the result of a mini update that came when many players asked for a 100M PF training area as it took too long to train from 1M to 1B.

Is there a walkthrough for Super Power Island?

Super Power Island is challenging and hard but with these great poptropica cheats and secrets, you’ll be able to complete this island mission in no time. Here is the complete Super Power Island Walkthrough.

Where do you find Sir rebral in Super Power Island?

Go to the Town Park, and you’ll see Sir Rebral. First, he’ll try to hit you with a rock. Lead the rock into him to make him angry. Then he’ll start pulling chunks of the ground to hit you and send you flying. Go to the bathroom and you’ll see a giant boulder.

How do you power cuff Poptropica in Super Power Island?

Go to the bathroom and you’ll see a giant boulder. Push it to the statue and stand next to the boulder. If it’s in the right spot, the boulder will smack him and knock him over then power cuff him and he’s in jail. Once you’re in his lair, you’ll have to climb some pipes to get to a valve while also avoiding his rats.

Where to find Ratman in Poptropica Super Power Island?

Go to the left one more time and you’ll find a door that you can enter. Go through the door and Ratman will be inside. Jump up to the top right corner of the Sewer Room while avoiding the rats, and you will see a red wheel. Click on it to turn it, and it will sprinkle water over the Ratman and his flies.