How do you test a pump relay?

How do you test a pump relay?

Set your digital multimeter to the lowest range on the Ohms scale or set it to ‘continuity. ‘ Then, connect one lead to one of the power circuit pins, and connect the other lead to the other power terminal. Your meter should read infinite (OL, open load) resistance.

How do I test a fuel pump relay with a multimeter?

Check the Coil

  1. Set the multimeter up to read ohms. The ohms scale looks a little like a horseshoe.
  2. Touch the meter leads together to test the multimeter. You should read zero ohms. Touch the test leads across the coil of the relay. You should read about 70 ohms.

How do you test a fuel relay with a multimeter?

How to test the fuel pump relay in a car?

How to Test Fuel Pump Relay. 1 Step 1 – Locate the Fuel Pump Relay. First, make sure that you have enough light and room to work. Then, open your vehicle’s hood and find the fuse 2 Step 2 – Remove the Fuel Pump Relay. 3 Step 3 – Identify the Components. 4 Step 4 – Set up the Multi-meter or Ohmmeter. 5 Step 5 – Testing the Fuel Pump Relay.

Is the Ford fuel pump relay a green color?

If your fuel injected Ford pickup, van, or car still has the Ford relay, this bad boy will be a green color (like the one in the image viewer). If it has already been replaced with an after-market one, this relay won’t be green, but will have a gray body.

How do you connect an ohmmeter to a fuel pump?

Whether you are using an ohmmeter or multi-meter, you’ll need to set it to resistance mode. Connect your multi-meter or ohmmeter probes to the relay. One probe should connect to the pin that goes to the fuel pump, and the other should connect to the pin that goes to the battery.

Which is the ground pin on a fuel pump?

One is for input voltage, one is the ground pin, one is the load pin that goes to the fuel pump, and one goes to the battery. To figure out which pin is which, there will usually be numbers on the bottom of the relay that indicate the pin positions, or you can locate a wiring diagram from your relay’s specific manufacturer.