How do you greet in Armenian?

How do you greet in Armenian?

Barev dzez (ba-rev d-zez) – Hello

  1. Barev dzez (ba-rev d-zez) – Hello.
  2. It is customary and polite in Armenia to greet everyone when entering a shop, museum or restaurant.
  3. Shnorrhakalutsjun (shno-rha-kal-ut-syun) – Thank you.

What does Shnorhakalutyun mean?

The Word Shnorhakalutyun (շնորհակալություն) means thank you in Armenian. It is obvious that it is a rather long phrase.

Is Armenian a difficult language?

How difficult is the Armenian language? The Armenian language can be considered a complex one due to various historic and cultural reasons. It’s a fairly difficult language to learn, mainly for two reasons. First, it is a very old language that has maintained many of its archaic forms.

Is it good to know some Armenian phrases?

Armenian is spoken only in Armenia, so when planning a trip, it is a good idea to know some of the essential Armenian phrases. That way, you can interact with locals who might not speak English, or you can simply impress them with your knowledge.

What do you call someone you love in Armenian?

In Armenian, this phrase is used when you want to show how much you love the person. In this case, you can call your loved one “ djigyar ” which means “liver.”

Is there a way to translate English into Armenian?

Go to Google Translate’s Armenian translation page here, type or copy and paste the English word or phrase you want to translate into the empty box, and click on the microphone icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Presto! Google’s software plays the (Eastern) Armenian translation (in a robotic voice).

What do you say to hotel staff in Armenia?

Here’s some good news for you, mostly all restaurants, hotels and any other venue that caters to travelers will have English-speaking staff. Usually, they are good enough for you to leave satisfied. In the end, you can simply say “shnorakaloo’tyoon” and it will put a smile on our faces!