How do you get to Sunyshore city in platinum?

How do you get to Sunyshore city in platinum?

  1. You first need to complete the team galaxy events.
  2. Go to the distortion world & complete the puzzles.
  3. Battle or capture giratina,
  4. Go all the way to sandgem town & talk to prof. Rowan.
  5. Then you can enter sunyshore city.

How do you get to Snowpoint city platinum?

To get to Snowpoint City, we have to take a group of routes we’ve never encountered before—Routes 216 and 217. To get there, however, you have to head to Route 211 and back to Mt. Coronet. Getting to Route 211 is simple—just Fly to Celestic Town, and exit west out of the town, and boom!…

Where is the Sunyshore city gym?

Sunyshore Gym

Sunyshore Gym ナギサジム Nagisa Gym
Location Sunyshore City
Gym Leader Volkner
Badge Beacon Badge
Dominant Type Electric

Where do you go before sunyshore in Pokemon platinum?

Sunyshore is the last place you go to before Victory Road and the Elite 4. 1. When you’ve got your 7th gym badge from Snowpoint city, head through Mt Coronet. 2. In Mt Coronet, there would have been a cave painting that was blocking the way to the spear pillar.

Where do you get carbos in sunyshore city?

Be sure to grab the Carbos by taking the north part of the route eastward (you’ll need Cut to access it), and then simply walk east into Sunyshore City. The city has little to see right now—you can find a Thunderstone on the east side of town, but otherwise there’s very little to see.

How do you get out of Spear Pillar in Pokemon platinum?

This part of Mt. Coronet is the only way to get to Spear Pillar (Until you beat Team Galactic, it’s also the only way to get out of Spear Pillar w/o Fly). After facing down Cyrus, and eventually Giratina, only then will you gain access to Sunnyshore. You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.

Where do you find the legendary trio in Pokemon platinum?

Go to T.G. HQ, where you have to free the Legendary Trio. After that, make your way to Oreburgh and go to the closest entrance to Mt. Coronet.