How do you get the Ray Gun in Call of Duty Black Ops?

How do you get the Ray Gun in Call of Duty Black Ops?

An easy way to get yourself a Ray Gun is to complete Die Maschine’s Coffin Easter Egg. The viral meme was Black Ops Cold War’s first proper Zombies Easter Egg to do, and upon completion, gamers can earn some great rewards.

How do you unlock the Ray Gun?

To earn the ray-gun, you’ll want to complete an easter egg dubbed “Dancing Pallbearers”, as per a meme. You’ll need to have your Pack-A-Punch machine built, a gun that fires bullets (i.e not a launcher or a knife), and head to the Particle Accelerator room.

How do you get the Ray Gun in the cold war every time?

How do you get the Ray Gun in Mauer der Toten?

The original Wonder Weapon, the Ray Gun is back in Mauer Der Toten and it’s still one of the most powerful guns to have on your side. You can grab the Ray Gun from the Mystery Box and it gets more common at higher rounds.

Where can I find a Ronald Ray Gun?

Obtain Ronald Raygun from a Mohawk A fact that Treyarch clearly has not forgotten as Ronald Raygun can be obtained from a pink-haired Mohawk. If you defeat that enemy during the Outbreak mode he drops the Ronald Raygun, which you can then keep for the remainder of the round.

Can you get Ray Gun in forsaken?

How to get a free Ray Gun in CoD Zombies Forsaken. In order to get a free Ray Gun in CoD Zombies Forsaken map, you’ll need to first make you have the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade equipped. Once you’ve acquired this, simply head over to Main Street and locate the Beach Pizza restaurant.

What does the ray gun do in Black Ops?

The Ray Gun can be used to destroy enemy tanks with two shots at the end of ” Little Resistance ” instead of calling an artillery strike. It also has the ability to distort dead bodies. The Ray Gun is available in Call of Duty: Black Ops in all the maps in Zombies game mode.

What’s the successor to the ray gun in zombies?

A direct successor to the Ray Gun, known as the Ray Gun Mark II, appears in every Zombies map of Call of Duty: Black Ops II if the player purchases the Vengeance downloadable content. Another successor to the Ray Gun is the Ray Gun Mark III, seen in the right hand of the GKZ-45 Mk3 on the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies map Gorod Krovi.

Is the ray gun useless in Call of Duty?

In most rounds past round 30, the Ray Gun and Porter’s X2 Ray Gun will be near useless against the zombies, taking multiple shots to kill them, and as such, should be traded out for a better weapon. Also, the splash damage can be lethal to the player if fired at a zombie or an object close to them, unless they have PhD Flopper.

Where is the ray gun in World at war?

The Ray Gun is available in all Zombies maps in Call of Duty: World at War available only in the Mystery Box. The Ray Gun is often the most favored weapon in Zombies due to its ability to kill in one shot until rounds 18 to 22, or 22 to 25 when Pack-a-Punched, and its large ammo capacity for such a high-damage weapon.