How do I start Netherdrake rep?

How do I start Netherdrake rep?

To begin the Netherwing questline, reach level 70 and have at least Expert Riding, then speak to Mordenai in Shadowmoon Valley. They tend to wander around Netherwing Fields and fight nearby flayers.

How long does it take to get exalted with netherwing?

You go upon your dailies day after day and realize it’s taking a good bit of time to get reputation. A quick google search finds for you that it takes 2 weeks without eggs to reach exalted with Netherwing!

How do I start the netherwing quests?

Players start the Netherwing quest line at the crystals south of Warden’s Cage in Shadowmoon Valley. There is a blood elf quest-giver wandering around the crystals. The quest chain takes players to Netherwing Ledge where they start doing daily quests.

How many netherwing eggs do you need for exalted?

Next day you repeat all the daily quests and 15 eggs, which makes you exalted in 4 days!

How do you become neutral in netherwing?

You can get to Neutral without the 300 riding skill. HOWEVER, you cannot do any of the quests on Netherwing Ledge until you have the 300 riding skill.

Are nether drakes in TBC Classic?

It looks like the drake itself isn’t obtainable yet, however. We expect it to be unlockable in a later phase of TBC Classic, but you can get started on the requirements now by working on your reputation with the Netherwing faction.

How often do netherwing eggs Respawn?

a 2 hours
The eggs have a 2 hours respawn timer.

Can you get all the netherwing Drakes?

Netherwing drake mounts all summon Netherwing drakes, and all the PvE ones require Exalted status with Netherwing to acquire. When you first achieve Exalted with Netherwing, you are given the opportunity to acquire a free Netherwing drake mount via a quest.

What is the rep for netherwing?


Neutral 3000 rep Rep
Initial Quests 42000
Quests [25-30] The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt 350
RRQ Quests [25-30] Accepting All Eggs (RRQ) 250
Daily Quests [25-30 Daily] Nethercite Ore / [Netherdust Pollen] / [Nethermine Flayer Hide] 250

Does Shadow Labs give rep to exalted?

Gaining Reputation Shadow Labyrinth, meanwhile, grants reputation until Revered on Normal and all the way to Exalted on Heroic. You can also gain a total of about 8000 reputation by completing quests that yield Lower City reputation.

Do you have to be exalted to get a Nether Drake?

Yes you do need to be exalted with the Netherwing to be able to get a Nether Drake (in reply to Vcast and Kruzty). Fortunately it is a lot easier than it used to be, at least in terms of player competition and time spent doing the dailies (all drop-dependant dailies like the Fel Glands and Netherwing Relic are 100% drops now).

Where do you go to get exalted with the netherwing?

To begin your road to exalted with the Netherwing, you have to talk to Mordenai at the Netherwing Fields, east of the Sanctum of Stars which is the Scryer base in Shadowmoon Valley. Mordenai will give you “Kindness” which needs you to kill Rocknail Flayers that will feed Netherwing Drakes.

How to become neutral with the netherwing in RuneScape?

It is recommended that you have either a tank or a healer, possibly both. Once you complete “Zuluhed the Whacked”, you acquire “Ally of the Netherwing”. You go back to Mordenai to turn this in and the reward will get you to neutral with the Netherwing.

Where to find the netherwing in World of Warcraft?

Mordenai will send you to the Netherwing Ledge, where you can find the Netherwing Encampment. After talking to Mordenai you will have an orc illusion which will permit you to talk to the NPCs in that camp, however be careful, the hostile guards that patrol the camp see through your disguise and will attack you on sight.