How do I check my AWCC balance?

How do I check my AWCC balance?

AWCC network provides 4G LTE Internet and mobile payment services. If you’re an Afghan wireless network customer or traveler, you can use these ussd codes to check your network services detail….Afghan Wireless Important Codes to Check Network Services.

USSD Detail Short Code
Afghan Wireless Balance Check Code *123#

How do I check my Afghan Wireless credit?

Now Afghan Wireless Customers can easily share up to 200Afs/Day credit with their beloved friends and family….Balance Transfer.

How Can I transfer the credit to another AWCC Customer? Dial *444*1*070XXXXXX*Amount#
for example: *444*1*070XXXXXX*50# for sending 50 AFN to 070XXXXXX

How do you recharge AWCC?

To recharge an AWCC mobile number through TOHFA, a customer can visit the Afghan Wireless website and enters their/family or friend’s AWCC number, select a denomination and pay with a credit card through Google-Checkout. The AWCC subscriber will receive the airtime within an hour.

How do I activate my AWCC Internet package?

Customers can now freely switch between the two options to get more control over Internet usage.

  1. Dial *555*5*0# to activate Internet access without bundle (PAYG)
  2. Dial *555*5*1# to deactivate Internet access without bundle (PAYG) and Purchase any Data Bundle for the best Internet rate.

How do I activate AWCC 4G?

Companies can activate the 10GB Data Bundle Service by dialing*477*10*1# from their Afghan Wireless mobile device. “AWCC’s Business Communications Services are giving Afghan companies of every size the ability to innovate, expand and connect with their clients here in Afghanistan and throughout the world,” said Mr.

How can I take loan from MTN to Afghanistan?

Borrow Airtime via *606# Menu:

  1. Dial *606# and select XtraTime.
  2. You can then select your preferred amount from the list.
  3. After selecting your preferred amount, the system will then send you a message with the amount you are about to borrow and the applicable service fee for you to confirm the transaction.

How do I activate 3G on AWCC Afghanistan?

AWCC users can use the following ways to configure 3G and 4G internet setting on your mobile. To request the settings, AWCC users have to send SMS with keyword <1> to the shortcode <2009>. In return, you will receive the Data settings with a PIN via SMS, which needs to be saved.

How do I enable 4G on AWCC SIM?

4G Activation

  1. 4G Activation Method. To connect your phone to the 4G LTE network, you must be in an area covered by the 4G.
  2. IOS (IPhone) Go to Settings _ Cellular _ Cellular Data Options _ Voice & Data and select LTE from the Voice and Data menu.
  3. Android.

How do I activate AWCC LTE?

AWCC’s 10GB Data Bundles provide companies with a robust and affordable data plan, enabling continuous connection to the Internet and usage of high usage data applications. Companies can activate the 10GB Data Bundle Service by dialing*477*10*1# from their Afghan Wireless mobile device.

Which Sim is best for Internet in Afghanistan?

If you want to buy a SIM card in Afghanistan, I would recommend going with Roshan because they have the best coverage throughout the country….You can also get a monthly Etisalat data pack:

  • 100 AFN: 3 GB at night only (10 PM until 6 AM).
  • 250 AFN: 1 GB.
  • 300 AFN: 1.5 GB.
  • 450 AFN: 3 GB.
  • 500 AFN: 4 GB.
  • 600 AFN: 5 GB.

How do I check MTN data balance?

You can check your XtraByte account balance in the following ways;

  1. From the *606# menu, select ‘My Account’ then select ‘2’ to view your account balance.
  2. From 606 IVR menu: Simply dial 606, follow the voice prompt, press 5 and your account balance will be sent to you in an SMS.
  3. From SMS: Text Balance to 606.