How did Tom Riddle end up looking like Voldemort?

How did Tom Riddle end up looking like Voldemort?

His change in appearance came before he killed the Potters. Between his years at Hogwarts (the young version of Tom Riddle / Voldemort whom we see in Chamber of Secrets) and his destruction at Godric’s Hollow, his immersion in the Darkest of the Dark Arts changed his appearance and made him look pale and snake-like.

Is Tom Riddle Voldemort’s dad?

Tom Riddle Sr.
Lord Voldemort/Father

Why is Voldemort face disfigured?

It was because of creation of his horcruxes. His soul got mutilated because of it’s ripping so many times and thus Voldemort grew less human in appearance.

Why did Tom Riddle transform to Voldemort?

The first and foremost reason for the transformation of Tom Marvolo Riddle to Lord Voldemort is that he never felt what is LOVE. He never saw his mother ever in his life, his mother Merope Gaunt, who was the successor of the notable Salazar Slytherin, fell in love with a rich muggle of her village,…

How did Tom Riddle change to Voldemort?

Tom Riddle didnt transform into Voldemort, per say. He changed his name into Lord Voldemort because of his hate for muggles , half-bloods, and muggle-borns. Tom Riddle was Voldemort.

Who did Tom Riddle kill for the Horcruxes?

Tom Riddle killed his dad, Tom Riddle Senior, his mother and mother (maternal grandparents) that created him his first horcruxe — the Gaunt’s ring. He killed H. Smith and thefted the Hufflepuff Cup and the Slytherin locket. He horcruxed his diary most hopingly by killing moaning Myrtle with Basilisk .

How did Tom Riddle get the name Lord Voldemort?

After finishing Hogwarts, Tom Marvolo Riddle decided to reject his birth name and became self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort (which name was given by an anagram of his baptized name). If you want to find out what it looks like when a cute little orphan boy becomes a monster, do keep reading.