How are Junkanoo costumes made?

How are Junkanoo costumes made?

Junkanoo costumes are made from cardboard, crepe paper, aluminum rods, tie wire, contact cement and lots of glue. Notably, in Junkanoo’s early days, slaves in the Bahamas made their costumes from any material they could find, such as shrubs, leaves, stones, bottles and paper. From the sidelines the job may seem easy.

What are Bahamian Junkanoo masks made from?

The expression of Junkanoo is shown off in the costumes. The first set of costumes were masks made from flour paste and colorful crepe paper over the body. The costumes have now evolved to ecstatic works of art made from crepe paper that is carefully glued to fabric, wood or cardboard.

Where did Junkanoo originated from?

the Bahamas
Junkanoo, named after the West African John Canoe Festival, originated in the Bahamas around the 17th century as a masquerade. Slaves with their faces hidden under a flour paste, celebrated on Boxing Day and the day after Christmas.

What are Junkanoo drums made of?

Traditional Junkanoo musical instruments include drums made from open-ended, wooden or metal barrels covered in goat or sheep skin. Cow skin is used to cover bass drums. A store-bought floor tom is used as the rhythm drum today because skins are not readily available. Cowbells are still homemade by welders.

What is Junkanoo in Jamaica?

Jonkonnu is one of the oldest dance forms in Jamaica which was performed on the three holidays allowed to the enslaved Africans in the English-speaking Caribbean – Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Jonkonnu is a band of masquerades usually performed in towns and villages at Christmas time.

What do you need to know about Junkanoo costuming?

Junkanoo costuming is a an incredibly creative and tedious process that demands thousands of man hours. The Junkanoo costume designers are required to have tremendous skill and creativity. The Junkanoo costume ideas always stem from the chosen Junkanoo groups chosen theme.

Where does Junkanoo take place in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas Junkanoo is held in Nassau, Bahamas. Junkanoo is an exciting four-day carnival celebration that that showcases Bahamian culture and traditions. It attracts visitors from all over the world who descend on the Bahamas to have a great time and get immersed in the Bahamian Culture.

Is the Junkanoo parade in the United States?

The Junkanoo Parade, as we know it today, exists only in the Islands of The Bahamas, although it has been known to exist along the East Coast of the United States, and around the Carolinas.

What kind of music do they play at Junkanoo?

Junkanoo, a Bahamian national festival, is a kaleidoscope of colours and sound.   The rhythmic sounds of cowbells, goat skin drums and whistles, accompanied by an array of brass instruments, create a sweet musical beat that will move you; while brilliantly coloured costumes capture your eye, and bring much visual delight.