Do dealers use Edmunds?

Do dealers use Edmunds?

Most dealers are familiar with Edmunds and recognize the name when consumers use it in their negotiations on used vehicles.

How accurate are Edmunds trade in values?

Edmunds tends to be very accurate when buying or selling from an individual, but it may overestimate what you can get when trading in. Dealerships commonly use the Black Book, so it may provide a more accurate insight as to what you can expect when dealing with a dealership.

Is Edmunds car value accurate?

No one site can be 100% accurate — they all provide estimated values. Both Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book are reputable sites that offer pricing information. The accuracy of an appraisal has a lot to do with the information the owner provides.

How do I find out the wholesale value of my car?

To find the wholesale price of a vehicle, take into consideration the overall condition of the car and use websites like Kelley Blue Book or NADA GUIDES to estimate the value. Pay close attention to the condition descriptions and be as honest as possible to get the most accurate value.

Is Edmunds car appraisal legit?

How is Edmunds different from other pricing guides?

Moreover, Edmunds is also different from other pricing guide companies in determining the value calculation of a car. You will not find any indication of how Edmunds gather the data to determine the price of a car. Thus, Edmunds may not be able to give an accurate information related to the values of the used cars.

Is there an Edmunds guide for used cars?

Edmunds is really popular for their TOC or true cost to own overtimes. When we check it deeper, there is no exact accuracy in the determining of pricing guides, but they only can estimate the price of a used car.

How does Edmunds appraisal work for used cars? used car appraisal aims to give you the most accurate price for your current car/vehicle. This allows you as a consumer to decide whether to trade-in or sell your car when you’re ready to buy a new one. The price is based on the year, make, model, and options of your car.

What to do if trade in car is less than Edmunds value?

The process is simple. Just compare your trade-in offer with the Edmunds trade-in value. If the offer is more than that value, you’re in the best-case scenario and should take the offer. If the offer is less than the trade-in value, it could be due to a number of factors.